Love and Thunder’ Star Proposes Spinoff Series With Beta Ray Bill

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Most of the focus has fallen on Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster making her long-awaited return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor: Love and Thunder after almost a decade away, but she’s not the only one in that particular boat.

Having also played a decent-sized part in the first installment and sequel The Dark World, Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif also vanished into the ether, which at least meant she was the only one of the Odinson’s associates to survive the wrath of Hela in Ragnarok, which saw the Warriors Three cast aside in murderous fashion.

The Disney Plus era means that each and every corner of the MCU is now open to various spinoffs, sequel shows, and episodic offshoots, and it looks as though Alexander is keen to get a piece of that action. Taking to social media, the actress asked fans what they’d want to see in Lady Sif series, and kicked things off by proposing a Beta Ray Bill buddy adventure.

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After being teased in Ragnarok, plenty of Beta Ray Bill supporters are hoping he’s being held back a a surprise guest in Love and Thunder, but if that doesn’t turn out to be the case, then a Disney Plus show would be an acceptable substitute. The Asgardian mythos is ideal for further exploration, and it wouldn’t even need to step on the toes of the mainline Thor saga either, so we can only hope that the Marvel bigwigs are paying heed should they decide on Sif as the perfect candidate for her own solo project.

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