Love And Thunder Features The Marvel Cameo We’ve All Been Waiting For

In the film, New Asgard has become the talk of the town, going from essentially a refugee camp to a huge tourist destination complete with Mjolnir’s debris on display, a magical Asgardian Viking ship ride, an “Infinity War” themed ice cream parlor, branded collaborations with Old Spice, and more. No longer the drunk former Valkyrie, Val is now a proper queen of the Asgardians, involved in diplomatic relationships with other nations, and getting quite bored of it. Working for her are Meek, and as /Film reported last year, we also get the return of the treasure of a character that is Darryl, the human — played by Daley Pearson (who also works as a producer on “Bluey”).

You might remember Darryl from the hilarious one-shot short films “Team Thor” directed by Taika Waititi in the lead up to “Thor: Ragnarok.” The shorts, shot mockumentary style, followed the God of Thunder as he decided to try and live a normal human life by moving to Australia with a human roommate — Darryl. There, Thor did mundane human activities like go to a kindergarten classroom to talk about how he executed alien beings after huge battles, sulk about not being invited to participate in “Civil War,” and generally avoid paying Darryl for his share of rent.

The shorts were mostly a proof of concept for the vastly different humor of Waititi’s “Thor: Ragnarok” compared to the rest of the MCU, and not only did it convince fans that this could work, it humanized Thor and also introduced one of the best characters in the MCU.

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