Love and Thunder’ Feature a Cameo From This Hunky Hero?

thor revengers

Image via Marvel Studios

We’re entering the home stretch before the theatrical release of the latest MCU movie and unprecedented fourth entry into the Thor franchise, Thor: Love and Thunder. Fans are not only eager to take up the further adventures of the star-flung Asgardian they’re also anticipating what is best in all MCU projects: cameo appearances by other Marvel superheroes.

And while there’s already a virtual grocery list of wished-for cameos, hardcore Marvel fans are hoping to get a least a peek at one of the best-loved Avengers yet to appear in any film or TV series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Hercules. The super-strong son of Zeus has had several long stints as a member of Marvel’s most diverse super team but has yet to show up in any of the franchise’s many vehicles.

The Greek demi-god and “Prince of Power” would fit like a hand into a glove in the upcoming Love and Thunder. Not only is the story of the movie about a group of gods (and Guardians) going up against a galactic slayer of gods, Gorr the God Butcher, but Herc’s own father, Zeus, is already appearing in the film, played by Russell Crowe. Trailers have shown multiple scenes that appear to show Hercules’ stomping grounds, Olympus, home of the Greek Gods, as well. The time for Hercules could well be nigh!

And We Got This Covered is prepared to make a humble wish for the casting of said hero. One that figures on director Taika Waititi’s casting preferences as well. If Hercules is to appear in the Thor franchise, who best to play him but Thor’s IRL brother from the same mother, Liam Hemsworth?

The choice couldn’t be more natural. Not only does youngest brother Liam already have the requisite Greek deity physique, but an appearance in Love and Thunder would give Waititi a hat trick of Hemsworth’s, with oldest brother Luke having already appeared in Waititi’s previous Thor movie Thor: Ragnarok. The casting of Liam would not only be a total get for fans and the MCU alike, but it would ensure the franchise has an available Hemsworth well into the 2030s.

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed until Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.

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