Love and Thunder’ Fans Furious an Iconic Trailer Moment Got Cut

Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie

Image via Marvel Studios

By this point, Marvel fans have come to understand that the studio likes to deliberately mislead us and often creates or tweaks scenes specifically for their trailers. On most occasions it’s a clever strategy, but sometimes getting audiences hyped for a particular moment in the marketing and then never actually putting it in the film isn’t the best play. And that’s just what’s happened in Thor: Love and Thunder.

One clip from the trailers that got Tessa Thompson lovers all hot and bothered saw Valkyrie salaciously licking her dagger. Now that the movie’s out, though, people have realized that the moment is nowhere to be seen. Twitter user @valcarol was one of those who felt betrayed. “I just wanna know why they cut this scene,” they wrote. Well, Marvel, do you have an answer?

Some people had to find out the hard way.

Folks waited the whole movie for this.

Although maybe cutting it was for the best.

More proof that Marvel’s losing touch with what the fans want.

Shots fired!

Literally could’ve been Love and Thunder‘s best moment.

The thinking is that this shot might’ve been deemed too sexual by Disney. But this logic doesn’t really hold up when Chris Hemsworth’s butt-naked body is on display instead.

To be honest, one of Love and Thunder‘s big drawbacks is probably a lack of Valkyrie all-round. In the run-up to the film’s release, we were led to believe Thompson’s heroine would get a decent amount to do, but actually she’s very much a supporting player, with even Korg getting more of a substantive arc across the movie — and also contributing more to its queer rep.

After Thor: Ragnarok cut a scene that would’ve confirmed she was bisexual, why does Marvel keep on removing Valkyrie’s best moments? Maybe giving Thompson her own Disney Plus show would make up for it.

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