Love And Thunder? A New Marvel Location Explained

Thor, Jane, and Valkyrie’s journey to the Shadow Realm is in vain, as Gorr is able to get exactly what he wanted all along: Stormbreaker, Thor’s weapon, which is the key to Eternity, an entity that grants a wish to the first person who reaches it. The trio is initially bound by Gorr’s shadow monsters, and then they engage in a fight on the planet until Valkyrie is stabbed by Zeus’ lightning bolt.

The last we see of the Shadow Realm is when Gorr uses Stormbreaker to travel to Eternity, taking the Asgardian children with him. Although the Necrosword is broken in the final confrontation between Jane, Thor, and Gorr, and the hilt of the sword is seen crumbling into dust, is that the last we see of the weapon and the shadows associated with it? While it is unclear whether Gorr created the Shadows Realm using the Necrosword or if it had simply existed and he had claimed it as his home, the dimension should technically crumble with the destruction of the Necrosword if this is indeed the case.

The comics see a return of the All-Black Necrosword even after it is subsumed by a black hole, but the MCU might be taking a completely different direction, as evidenced by the mid-credits sequence in which Zeus (Russell Crowe) talks to his son Hercules (Brett Goldstein) about enacting revenge on Thor. In this case, this indeed might be the last we see of the Shadow Realm and the Necrosword, although, anything can happen in the MCU. Who knows.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” is currently playing in theaters.

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