Looking for Horror Film Suggestions? Internet Has You Covered

Need that spine-tingling sensation of pure and utter horror but don’t know where to look? Look no further than this exhaustive list of tremendous horror film recommended by hardcore horror fans.

Horror is a staple of cinema, with it supplying some of the most culturally significant films of all-time such as Psycho, The Exorcist, The Shining, and more modern classics like Midsommar and Get Out. But these, while all incredible movies, are very much entry-level viewing.

A Redditor’s request for horror suggestions has seen an emphatic response, with a great variety of horror films recommended.

There’s a few recent ones that have really stuck in the collective memory of cinemagoers, such as Australian horror film The Babadook, which is part of a great tradition of antipodean horror. Who’d have thought a nation filled with giant spiders and snakes would do horror well?

Not exactly the spookiest horror flick of them all, but Malignant has a big cult following already thanks to its incredibly cute body horror (yes you read that right), and very off-beat charm.

It Follows presents a much more subtle, but just as terrifying, horror packaged in a very interesting new way. Instead of visually seeing the monster, the audience gets a very good idea of the paranoia of the characters by being left in the dark. Plus the soundtrack absolutely slaps.

Mike Flanagan has made a name for himself of late with shows like The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass, but you can’t go past one of his first credits: Oculus. Tremendously terrifying with exciting new ideas alongside classic horror tropes. The man knows what to do.

Horror boomers also recommended many of the classics, such as Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Candyman. Frankly, it’s a golden age for horror viewers, with almost everything available to watch somewhere, just a few clicks away.

Horror fans are slowly gearing up for the month of frights, with October promising some big spooky-doos in the form of Halloween Ends, which Jamie Lee Curtis has promised will “fuck you up” when it releases on Oct. 14 2022.

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