Living The Downton Abbey Experience In The English Countryside

After a small delay at Boston Logan, I was on my way to London to start my adventure. The long flight, coupled with the disorienting adjustment to the time difference, meant that I was about ready to pass out the moment I got to my home base. But let’s just say the moment I laid eyes on where I’d be staying, I woke up very quickly. Surrounded by greenery as far as the eye could see, the Down Hall Hotel & Spa in Bishop’s Stortford was a sight to behold.

There are some places you can tell possess such a long history just by taking note of the architecture and how the property is constructed, and this was a perfect example. Down Hall has been utilized in a number of different ways since the 10th century, ranging from private homes to a girls’ boarding school. Similar to the fictional Downton, the estate had also been used as a hospital for a number of years during WWI.

After I got settled in a gorgeous room, which featured a fantastic view of the front of the hotel, I did some more exploring of the Down Hall grounds. It’s difficult to not feel the history of the place as you walk throughout its corridors. I knew I was way out in the countryside because when you walk around, you’re surrounded by gentle grass, warm sun, and total peace. Before I settled in for the night, a delicious BBQ dinner buffet was held outside for the different outlets that were there to cover the week’s event. I was offered a Pimm’s cup to satisfy me, but given that I don’t drink, they were more than happy to offer me a mocktail. (Yeah, I go hard.)

After everything that happened that day, I had to remind myself that, upon my arrival, I was made a Lord.

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