Lee Seung Gi Celebrates Birthday With Heartwarming Donation

In celebration of his birthday, Lee Seung Gi has made a generous donation!

On January 13, Lee Seung Gi’s birthday, the star donated 550 million won (approximately $442,500) to the Korean Red Cross. His donation will be used to fund mobile meal trucks and manufacture buses for blood donations in support of disaster relief efforts.

At the donation ceremony, Korean Red Cross chairman Shin Hee Young awarded Lee Seung Gi an honorary certificate for donors who have contributed cumulative donations of over 500 million won (approximately $403,000).

Following the event, Lee Seung Gi took to Instagram to share a detailed post about the reason behind his donation. He wrote, “I wanted to provide practical help in this situation of disaster. I thought that it’d be nice if I could serve a warm meal to my neighbors in need. That’s how I learned about mobile meal trucks. After fire trucks, they dispatch the quickest and take care of meals for 50,000 people.”

Lee Seung Gi then explained that in emergency situations, experts say that blood shortage is one of the most pressing issues. Particularly in Korea, stock of blood is dangerously low with a retention period of less than five days, and the matter has only gotten worse throughout the pandemic.

He added, “Disaster situations, as well as emergency situations, can happen to anyone. I hope my donation will be of at least a bit of help to my neighbors suffering from disaster and diseases.”

As a side note, Lee Seung Gi continued, “I learned that there are a lot of people who work hard in the middle so that this donation can be used where it’s needed. I express my feelings of respect for them.” He then shared that continued attention from many people regarding these pressing issues is much more important than a singular donation from one person, before wishing everyone a happy new year and good health.

At the end of 2022, Lee Seung Gi made a donation of 2 billion won (approximately $1.6 million) to the Seoul National University Children’s Hospital with the unpaid earnings he received from his legal dispute with Hook Entertainment.

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