Lauren Lapkus Got Along Most With Kaley Cuoco During Her Time On The Big Bang Theory


We’re still learning new information about The Big Bang Theory. Like for instance, co-stars rave about Simon Helberg. Kaley Cuoco called him the funniest of the cast, while Laura Spencer would also confirm that shooting scenes with the actor wasn’t always easy, given his commitment towards the role of Howard.

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In the following, we’ll take a look at Lauren Lapkus time on the show, portraying the role of Denise.


We’ll discuss her experience, and how she loved working in front of a live Big Bang audience. In addition, we’ll reveal the details as to which Big Bang star was her favorite to work with.

Kevin Sussman Wishes His On-Screen Romance With Lauren Lapkus Lasted Longer

Lauren Lapkus is recognized for several roles, including Jurassic World and Orange Is the New Black. However, among other memorable TV cameos includes The Big Bang Theory, as she took on the role of Denise, Stuart’s comic book store assistant.

During Sheldon and Amy’s wedding, we start to see a deeper connection with Stuart and Denise, as her character starts to get excited over his quick wit.

Speaking alongside Roster Con, Kevin Sussman admitted he was eager to see where the relationship went, but it all took place too late on the show, just prior to its ending.

“I don’t think the writers knew until the final season that it was going to be the final season. My character had just gotten a girlfriend so I was excited to see what was going to happen with that storyline.”

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Speaking about her time on the series, the actress revealed alongside Pop Culture on how it was an honor to appear on a series that was already so established at the time of her arrival.

Lauren Lapkus Had A Blast On The Big Bang Theory Working In Front Of A Live Audience

From the different guests to an established cast, Lapkus had a blast with the on-set atmosphere, detailing her experience alongside Pop Culture.

“I mean, it was really cool to come into something where it was so established, of course, and had been on for so long, and they all knew each other so well and had been working together for so long that to come into that was really great because they were excited about guests coming in and shaking up the energy, having different people there.”

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Lapkus would also open up about the thrill related to working in front of a live audience. The actress revealed that it was always quite the atmosphere.

“One thing I really just appreciated was that we shot with a live audience, and the audiences were so excited to be there because this was a show that they’d been watching for so long.”

“The audiences were so excited, and a lot of them shared personal stories about how the show had helped through a hard time, and I thought that was really cool. So it felt really special to be a part of that. And to be there while it was ending was really, really exciting. It was a special time.”

Lapkus understood it was an end of an era type moment for the cast at the time, and she was just glad to be a part of it. Turns out, not only was it a thrill to appear on the show, but she also formed some close connections.

Lauren Lapkus Stated She’d Take A Road Trip With Kaley Cuoco Out Of Everyone

Alongside People, Lauren Lapkus took part in a sit down interview. Among the segments, included a speed round, in which Lapkus answered personal questions on the fly.

Among the questions included which co-star she would most likely take a road trip with. Without much hesitation, Lapkus revealed she would have most fun alongside Kaley Cuoco, proving that the two really hit it off during their brief time together on The Big Bang Theory. We have reason to believe Kevin Sussman felt crushed by this answer…

Post Big Bang Theory life, Lapkus continues to be extremely busy. She has three projects in the post-production phase, along with a TV series Sober Companion, in the developmental stages. The actress also recently made multiple cameos on Star Trek: Lower Deck. Wil Wheaton would be impressed…