Keanu Reeves Drops Into Aston Martin Garage At British Grand Prix Race

Keanu Reeves Drops Into Aston Martin Garage at British Grand Prix Race, #Keanu #Reeves #Drops #Aston #Martin #Garage #British #Grand #Prix #Race Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV N E W S, This is what we have for you today:

Keanu Reeves‘ onscreen need for speed became a reality this weekend — he’s in England taking in the Grand Prix race … and seems to have an allegiance for one team in particular.

The actor was out and about Saturday at the Silverstone Circuit, where F1’s British Grand Prix is underway … surfacing at none other than the Aston Martin garage, where KR was watching the team’s lead driver, Sebastian Vettel, take the wheel and zip around the track.

Keanu, who tends to be pretty private, was hard to miss … and didn’t seem to be shying away from the attention. At one point, he was photographed with raceway earmuffs while hanging out with AM crew members and staff — who welcomed the guy with open arms.

In fact, he was kinda posing with whoever wanted a picture — rocking his signature long hair and scruffy beard. Plus, his usual all-black getups … which he didn’t seem to mind having exposed to the rain.

Some shots of him on the actual grid — while it was drizzling — are making the rounds … and, sure enough, there’s Keanu with a vest on getting a closer look at the action. His blurry face has nothing to do with a glitch in the simulation … just water on the camera. 😅

Martin Brundle from Sky News even landed an interview with Keanu, who apparently was digging the day’s events. Sounds like John Wick’s a real-life gearhead who nerds out on this kind of stuff … who knew?!?

Keanu sightings are rare, but always a delight — and it would appear his pop-in for F1 was no different. Talk about a most excellent adventure!


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