Kardashians Accused Of Staging These Iconic Moments

Fans have recently accused Kim Kardashian of staging her sons’ bad behavior while being interviewed on The Tonight Show. During the filming of the late-night show, 41-year-old Kim broke away from her interview with Jimmy Fallon to scold her son. Her six-year-old son Saint and her three-year-old son Psalm were also attending the show.

“Guys. Guys…can you stop?”, she then addresses the audience, “My two boys are here, and I hear them making so much noise”. No one at home watching caught any noise being made from the young boys, who she shares with Kanye West.

Kim continued to tell off her young sons, saying “This is your first time at work with me. Don’t mess this up. Come on!”

Fans ran to social media to call the moment staged, believing her to want to seem more relatable to other mothers. This isn’t the first time the reality star and her famous family have been accused of staging iconic TV moments. Here are some other moments that people don’t believe are authentic.

9 Was That Tristan Thompson Family Meeting Real?

During a recent the season finale of their Hulu reality show, The Kardashians, the family reacted to finding out that Tristan Thompson had cheated on Khloe Kardashian again, and fathered a child with another woman.

However, fans have spotted a serious continuity error making them believe the scene was staged. The outfit Kourtney Kardashian was wearing matches the one she was shot wearing months later.

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A Reddit user wrote, “The family meeting was filmed January 31st based on Kourtney’s outfit, Khloé found out end of November/beginning of December when the documents leaked, and she did attend Christmas with the fam, so the meeting was staged.”

“Explains why they were so emotionless about it all,” another user wrote online, “I wish they had stuck to a real timeline rather than jumble it around to have a good final episode. Do better Hulu.”


8 Was Kris Humphries’ Proposal Staged?

One iconic moment that has been accused of being staged is when Kris Humphries prosed to Kim.

Russell Jay, one of the show’s executive producers, as part of Kim and Kris Humphries’ divorce proceedings back in 2013, testified under oath that the scene we saw on their TV show was staged. Kim was apparently unhappy with her reaction in the original scene, so asked for it to be re-shot. “I remember, like, Kim — she didn’t know he was going to propose at that moment, and she came in, and she was completely surprised, and I think she had a bad reaction or something, and she was embarrassed,” Humphries said in a testimonial.

7 What Really Happened With Khloe Kardashian’s Arrest?

In March 2007, Khloe Kardashian was arrested for driving while under the influence. This was one of the first and most iconic storylines of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The episode aired on November 11, 2007, and Khloe was arrested in March. The issue is, the reality TV show was not greenlit until August 2007. That was 5 months after Khloe’s arrest. So the show didn’t start filming until September.

In the show, the drunken night was said to be directly tied to her the anniversary of her father, Robert Kardashian’s death. The late patriarch died in September, six months after Khloe was arrested in the early hours.

6 Kim and Kris Talk About Kim And Kris Humphries

In the seventh episode of season 2 of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Kim speaks to her momager about her marriage to Kris Humphries. The show tells us this pivotal conversation happened in October on a business trip to Dubai.

In the scene, Kim tells Kris that she doesn’t want to leave Dubai and return to New York and see her husband. Kim asks her mother if these feelings are “normal,” and Kris tells her that they are not. It made it look like she had no choice but to divorce Humphries, their marriage infamously lasting 72 days.

The problem is, this scene was actually filmed in December in LA, months later. This means this conversation was filmed a month after Kim filed for divorce from Kris. It appears, according to paparazzi photos, Kim and Kris went to a studio to reshoot some scenes.

5 That Awkward Kardashian Cuba Trip Staging

In season 12, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé go to Cuba on vacation. Back in LA, Malika Haqq, Scott Disick, and Kris Jenner try to recreate Cuba in Calabasas because they feel like they are missing out.

However, the sisters returned from their trip on May 6, 2016, and Kris actually filmed her scene on May 26th. It’s a forgettable filler scene that was staged for some bizarre reason. In fact, the whole Cuba trip was bizarrely staged.

4 Did Kim Kardashian Really Lose That Diamond Earring In Bora Bora?

Most of us have seen the scene where Kim Kardashian loses her diamond earrings in the ocean and Kourtney mocks her. Kim’s ex, Kris Humphries, has said this whole scene was staged for the cameras.

“Kris was with Kim and her family in Bora Bora, and he playfully threw her in the sea. Kim emerged from the water, freaking out, with cameras rolling, shrieking that she had lost one of her diamond earrings, which are worth $75,000,” the source told Radar Online.

“Kim was crying hysterically, but then miraculously, one of her younger sisters found the earring in the ocean, where the group had been swimming. It was probably 6-8 feet deep, and Kris commented to Kim how unbelievable it was that the valuable earring was found as the current in the ocean in Bora Bora is very, very strong. Kim just said, ‘I know,’ with very big smile on her face.”

3 That Kimye Engagement

During an episode titled “A Surprise Engagement Pt. 1,” which aired on E! on February 9, 2014, Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing her 15-carat engagement ring. The Problem is, Kanye doesn’t propose until the following episode!

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So could the engagement which featured a 50-piece orchestra and fireworks have been staged for the show?

2 What Happened With Khloe And Malika Catching Corey Gamble’s ‘Mystery Woman’

In a 2020 episode of their reality show Kris Jenner and boyfriend, Corey Gamble headed for a night away at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Kris put on a red wig as part of a role-play game

Khloe Kardashian and best friend Malika Haqq later received a call claiming that Corey was seen entering the hotel with a mystery redhead. The duo force their way into Gamble’s room to confront Corey with the mystery woman- who was of course Kris!

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Considering everyone was mic’d up and no one seemed that surprised, fans believe it to be another faked moment on the show.

1 Did Former Adult Actress Bree Olson Really Become Kendall And Kylie’s Nanny?

Back in the very early days of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris Jenner hires Bree Olson – a former adult actress and Charlie Sheen’s ex – as Kendall and Kylie‘s nanny.

Bree was caught smoking and lounging by the pool on the job, much to Kris Jenner’s anger. Fans think this was staged, as Bree is quite famous, likely to be known by Jenner and unlikely to be working as a babysitter.

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