Jurassic Park Scenes That Aged Terribly

Sometimes, a movie doesn’t need kids. While it might assist with audience resonance, in a franchise like “Jurassic Park,” the dinosaurs are already doing that. Luckily, Vanessa Lee Chester’s performance in “The Lost World” is great, and she’s never especially grating. As Dr. Ian Malcolm’s daughter, Kelly, she is admittedly kind of a throwaway. She’s never again mentioned in the franchise, including with Malcolm’s return in “Dominion, but she’s fun while she’s there. Chester does a lot to imbue Kelly with more depth than the script allows for.

That is, of course, until the infamous gymnastics sequence. Some fans love it. Some don’t. With a different tone, it would have worked wonderfully, but in the context of “The Lost World,” it’s an odd and almost cartoonish tonal shift that all but makes “The Lost World” something else entirely. Besieged by raptors at an abandoned InGen base, Kelly makes use of her gymnastics skills to swing, flip, kick, and outwit the pursuing predators. As an isolated moment, it is admittedly very cool, though following the cliffside trailer collapse moments before, it’s simply an odd way to conclude the movie’s time on Isla Sorna.

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