Johnny Depp Is ‘Happy to Get His Life Back’ Following Amber Heard Trial

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Credit: Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

After a trial that seems to encompass every bit of news on this side of the sun, Johnny Depp is apparently looking ahead and not back on the Depp-Heard defamation trial.

The trial has caused an outpouring of essays, reactions, and concerns for how the legal system operates, and raises important questions on celebrity culture the world over. But that isn’t of much concern to who many deem to be the victor of the complex trial, Depp himself.

A source close to Depp, actor Greg Ellis has told FOX News that Depp is “just happy to get his life back”.

“So, I think he’s just happy to get his life back and hopefully for this to be, you know, talked about less.”

Ellis continued by explaining why he believes the verdict was an important one, referring to it as “exceedingly rare” to get “any semblance” of victory.

“It is exceedingly rare for someone who is tagged as the respondent who has been put in the crosshairs with the false allegation of domestic violence — the silver bullet — to come out and get any kind of semblance of a victory, let alone have a voice.”

Ellis continued to heap praise on the former Pirates of the Caribbean star with a lot of lovey-dovey words for the Academy Award nominee.

“So, the fact that he was able to speak for the first time, and I think we saw from the trial as well, his humanity and the spirit and gentle nature of the man. He was consistent and only took responsibility for his faults and the mistakes that he made. He’s never said he’s perfect.”

The long-term effects of the trial are still to be felt, with Marilyn Manson lining up a similar trial for ex-partner Evan Rachel Wood over “malicious falsehood” of alleged abuse claims.

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