Jensen Ackles Was Caught Off Guard By His Animated Batman Casting

Cruising in a ’67 Chevy Impala and being chauffeured around by Vought lackeys is just the tip of the iceberg: Jensen Ackles also took the Batmobile for a whirl back in 2021. In fact, that’s just one chapter of his DC comics history. Ackles has deep roots when it comes to the world of superheroes (particularly DC comics). One of his earliest roles was as Jason Teague on “Smallville,” a love interest to Lana Lang with a mysterious past. Later, in 2010, he provided the voice of Jason Todd in the “Batman: Under the Red Hood.” It’s almost like he was working his way up to the DC biggie because by 2021, it came true — Ackles was cast as the Caped Crusader himself, in the two-part adaptation of “Batman: The Long Halloween.”

The offer caught Ackles off-guard, which he shared during s recent chat with Entertainment Weekly:

“I come from a previous film where I voiced Red Hood. So when I got the call for this, I assumed I would be reprising that role into whatever story these guys were adapting. But then I realized I’d gotten the upgrade! I don’t think they even got the whole word ‘Batman’ out. They were like, ‘Bat-‘ and I was like, yes!”

You might assume that because the films are animated, we lost our shot to see Ackles truly suit up — but sometimes, fate intervenes and things just work out. Ackles had already donned the cape before the film was even announced.

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