Jason Sudeikis Gave A Sneaky Tribute To His Ex-Wife Olivia Wilde On Ted Lasso


Ted Lasso once again flexed its muscles at the 2022 Emmy Awards, taking home several top honors, including Best Comedy Series, along with Best Lead in a Comedy Series to Jason Sudeikis. The actor is deserving of the nod, especially given some of his emotional scenes in the series. The actor has an ability to change course from funny to serious on a dime.

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We’ll take a look at how Olivia Wilde proved to be a major inspiration for the show, despite the fact that she has an ongoing troubling divorce going on with Jason Sudeikis. In addition, we’ll reveal the sneaky tribute Jason used as an homage to his ex-wife.


Olivia Wilde Was A Major Reason For Jason Sudeikis Taking On Ted Lasso

It all started with a short-campaign video for NBC Sports. Little did Jason Sudeikis know, his early portrayal of Ted Lasso would be viewed by millions online. At that point, it was evident that something was there, though the actor didn’t fully grasp it yet.

“The whole story of that first commercial was that he gets hired to coach a professional soccer team, and he gets fired three days later, and we just thought it would be funny if he wasn’t cynical or angry about that, that he just loved the experience, and he loved London and he loved soccer, and that he brought that home with him,” Sudeikis discussed alongside EW.

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This is where Olivia Wilde comes into play, as Jason’s ex saw major potential in Ted Lasso as a series.

“After doing the second video [in 2014], it really unlocked elements of the character that we found very, very fun to write and portray and view the world through,” Jason told EW.

“So, one day in 2015, my [then] partner [Olivia Wilde] came up to me one day and said, ‘You know, you should do Ted Lasso as a show,’ and I said, ‘I don’t know,’ but then after marinating on it, I thought maybe this could happen.”

Ted Lasso co-star Brendan Hunt agreed alongside the LA Times, Wilde played a huge role in giving the project hope, “Olivia, even when we were just writing years ago without any buyers or even pitching it yet, gave it a big push,” Hunt said.

“Olivia was like, ‘Jason, you are doing this show. You’re going to London, you’re going to make this with your friends, and that’s all there is to it.”

As they say, the rest is history…

Jason Sudeikis Paid Tribute To Olivia Wilde With A Sneaky Jersey Showing Her Real Last-Name

Speaking alongside Norah O’Donnell during 60-Minutes, Jason Sudeikis acknowledged some of the jerseys that were hung up in the dressing room.

Now some of the names had special meaning behind them, and fans could not help but notice one in particular that had the name, “Cockburn” on it.

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What fans might not realize, is Wilde’s real name is actually, Olivia Jane Cockburn. It is said that she changed her name as an homage to the writers in her family.

Nonetheless, it is neat to see that despite their separation, Jason kept the tribute going. Or was it meant to be a shot at his ex… only he knows.

Jason Sudeikis Was Moving On From His Relationship To Olivia Wilde Like His Ted Lasso Character

Jason Sudeikis and Ted Lasso both took home some top honors at the 2022 Emmy Awards. Fans of the show are well aware, the actor and show are deserving of this award, especially given the depth involved with Jason’s Ted Lasso character. Sure, he can be hilarious and oblivious to the game of soccer but at the same time, the actor has been able to channel some dark emotions on the show.

According to IMDb’s trivia section, this might have been facilitated due to his real-life circumstances at the time.

“Jason Sudeikis said his own situation paralleled Ted Lasso’s, in that he was going through a bad breakup with Olivia Wilde when the show was picked up (like Lasso going through a divorce with his wife), so, like his character Ted Lasso, he went to England (where the show is filmed) in order to grieve and start moving on.”

For Sudeikis, through pain came inspiration.