James Earl Jones Gives the Internet a Heart Attack After Trending

james earl jones

Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Everybody loves James Earl Jones. It’s a given. The Hollywood legend and his iconic voice have been the recipient of numerous accolades over the decades. So, when the 91 year old’s name starts to trend on Twitter, naturally, the world goes into a panic.

The Star Wars icon’s name first came up in a harmless conversation over which person has the most distinct and instantly-recognizable voice on the planet. However, as we’ve seen on numerous occasions, social media needs some kind of warning button when celebrities well into their 90s start gaining widespread attention on the platform.

After the initial panic subsided, a wave of relief from users who had initially thought the beloved actor had passed away began to spread over the Twittersphere. Thankfully not! Here are some of the hilarious reactions that show how much Jones is a worldwide treasure at this point. 

The next tweet is summary of what we’re all thinking. 

The incomparable James Earl Jones has been a mainstay of stage and screen for well over a half a century, boasting a six-decade long career. He is also one of the few EGOT winners, completing his run in 2011 with an Academy Honorary Award. He has an exceptional filmography consisting of some of the most memorable roles in film and television. As a voice actor, he voiced the legendary Darth Vader in the Star Wars franchise, as well as Mufasa in 1994’s The Lion King, and its 2019 live-action remake. 

James Earl Jones is just fine, and we hope it stays this way for a long time.

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