It Takes A Villain On Latest Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

After weeks of stilted conversations and quiet animosity brewing, the Cold War between Sutton Stracke and Diana Jenkins finally heats up on this week of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Over the past several episodes, Sutton and Diana have had a number of awkward moments.

From Diana’s repeated references of Sutton being a bacon-eating vegetarian, to Sutton snapping at the Season 12 newbie over dinner on the Mexico trip (despite having previously confided in her that she was opposed to yelling), these two have been on the precipice of a blowup for weeks.


Last week’s episode saw the first line drawn in the sand when Diana instructed Sutton to sit elsewhere on her private jet, but where do the two go from there?

Let’s take a look!

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers for season 12, episode 8 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Diana’s Text Riles Up Both Garcelle And Sutton

Early on in “It Takes A Villain,” Diana sends a group text, informing the ladies that there’s a chance she won’t make Garcelle’s birthday party.

Reminding them of her recent miscarriage, Diana shares that the stress of the trip had led to her doctor putting her on bed rest. A simple enough explanation, given what she’s been through. However, a few aspects of the delivery elicited a strong reaction from Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton.

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First, Garcelle’s name was misspelled. Then, she threw a jab at the birthday girl, adding somewhat passive-aggressively that she didn’t want to come across “rude” by not showing up. As fans will remember, Garcelle had previously told Diana her shutting down Dorit’s questions about her book was rude.

Garcelle is annoyed by the comment, as well as the spelling error – and speaking with Dorit, Sutton adds that she feels the same way.

Reminding the Beverly Beach designer that Garcelle was her friend, Sutton complained that the jabs were not sitting right with her – and only added to the tension emanating from the private jet debacle.

Despite Texting That She Wouldn’t, Diana Arrives At Garcelle’s Party

Given that Sutton and Garcelle’s irritation stemmed from Diana’s text, it’s unsurprising that both are shocked when the newbie walks into the party, clad in a black fur look.

Taking to her confessional, Sutton cooes that she’s impressed by how quickly Diana has healed after being put on bed rest, musing that Divine intervention may have had something to do with it.

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Garcelle, meanwhile, jokes that the language barrier may have caused the confusion, and hints that maybe Diana’s doctor had merely told her to rest in bed, rather than go on actual bed rest.

The Confrontation Goes From 0 – 100

After circling the room for a while, Sutton eventually calls Diana aside, asking if they can speak privately.

However, things escalate quickly once they’re seated outside.

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Sutton begins by marveling at Diana’s recovery, but Diana isn’t having it. After Sutton shares that she, too, had suffered two miscarriages, Diana snaps that Sutton did the same thing when she opened up about her brother’s loss. Sutton fires back that she was simply sharing that she could relate – but Diana isn’t interested.

It’s clear that Diana has nothing but anger towards Sutton, and on top of calling her new co-star “phony,” also deems her “boring.”

After an openly hostile conversation erupts, both Kyle Richards and Garcelle arrive. However, Garcelle’s presence is short-lived, as Diana turns her anger to the “Coming To America” star. First asking what her problem is, Diana then asks if she’s Sutton’s mouthpiece. Eventually, things get to be too much, and the actress storms out, telling Diana she would not be ruining her birthday, especially with her children in attendance.

The conversation reaches its crescendo – and prompts an ominous “To Be Continued…” – as Diana utters the words we’ve been hanging on since the Season’s trailer first aired. “Do you need a new villain?”

Fans React To ‘It Takes A Villain’

Given the drama that ensued this week, it only makes sense that fans have been quick to share their thoughts – and one thing’s clear. As has been the case for most of this Season, most viewers are team Garcelle and Sutton.

Others are simply over Diana – with some pointing out that her threatening physical violence was taking things way too far.

Will Diana be able to redeem herself in fans’ eyes? Will she and Sutton ever make nice? We’ll have to tune in next week to find out!

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