Is There Any Truth To The Rumor That Walt Disney Was Cryogenically Frozen?

On the face of it, Disney is as family-friendly and G-rated as anyone could imagine. But over the years, viewers of the franchise’s films as well as visitors to its park have come to realize it’s not all Mickey ears and kids’ cartoons. Actors like Dove Cameron have exposed some of the darker sides to working for the mouse, and stars like Blake Lively have even been banned by Disney.

Despite some troubles, however, Disney remains a highly sought-after product, both in terms of its programming and its theme parks. At the heart of Disney was, of course, Walt Disney, who continues to inspire people, more than 50 years later.


But he also inspires some provocative Google searches, as fans have come to find out, and going down that rabbit hole results in the discovery of a multi-tiered conspiracy theory. The question, of course, is whether there’s any truth to the rumor that Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen when he died.

Walt Disney’s Death Was Tragic Yet Expected

However people felt about Walt Disney, his passing was tragic for people who loved what he created. Without Walt, Disney would surely change; things would evolve with the times, of course, (including the addition of prominent LGBTQ+ characters in the franchise) but although some of Walt’s ideas remained and grew, his absence was heavy.

And possibly out of their grief, fans began to speculate about the circumstances of Disney’s passing, and his final resting place.

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Though his family later confirmed that Walt was cremated and interred in California, after passing away due to lung cancer complications, that didn’t stop people from running wild with rumors that he’d actually been cryogenically frozen. It also didn’t help that one relative stated Walt’s ashes were scattered in “Paradise,” which contracted previous stories…

Was Walt Disney Cryogenically Frozen Upon His Death In 1966?

Ignoring the fact that technology wasn’t nearly as powerful as it is today, some folks think there might be truth to the rumor that the late Disney was cryogenically frozen. The story, however, all started shortly after Walt’s passing, when an “insider” allegedly snuck into the place where Walt’s body was being held post-mortem.

According to the trespasser, notes PBS, Walt was ‘suspended in a cryogenic metal cylinder.’

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As unlikely as the story sounds, there were a few other factors that added to the conspiracy; in his final meeting with the Disney team before his passing, Walt said some supposedly “cryptic” things to his team about seeing them soon and expecting great things in the future.

Plus, around that era, discussion of cryogenics was becoming public knowledge; many books were published around that time that some suspect Disney read and took inspiration from.

There’s one other tricky piece of the scenario, though, and that’s an accusation that Disney execs today know Walt will return in the future — and that they’ve tried to hush rumors of his deep-freeze adventure.

Did Disney Release The Film Frozen To Throw Off Google Searchers?

What’s the first thing modern Disney nerds did when they heard an inkling of Walt Disney possibly being frozen? They turned to Google, of course. But around the same time that the rumor mill revived itself — likely not the only time since Walt’s demise, either — Disney conveniently released the film Frozen.

What’s the big deal, say Disney lovers, it’s a fan favorite and we’ll never Let It Go.

But what’s tricky is that by releasing a Disney film titled Frozen, the franchise took over millions (maybe billions?) of Google results.

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Had there been any real information about Walt Disney’s frozen remains online, the search terms “Disney Frozen” knocked them all the way down to page one million, at least. Even if it’s solely a rumor, taking over the search engine would be a very effective way to discourage people from Googling Walt and gossiping more online.

Walt Disney’s Family Didn’t Take Kindly To The Rumors

As one journalist reported about the speculation, some of Walt’s family was offended at the mere mention of the conspiracy. It’s not too surprising, especially considering that the studio itself likes to shy away from certain topics, even things as seemingly innocuous as the Lizzie McGuire reboot, but refreshed for grownups.

Of course, as naysayers suggest, Frozen likely had nothing to do with the Walt rumors at all; it was wildly successful beyond all expectations. Who knew it would overtake Google and rebury the rumor of Disney’s passing, at least for a few more years?

The bottom line? While Disney definitely would have had the money and resources to attempt a cryogenic freeze, it doesn’t take much investigation to determine that the rumor is likely just that. That won’t stop people from continuing to look for clues and intrigue, however, but that’s kind of how Disney enthusiasts roll.

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