Is The Boys Taking Its Aquaman Joke Too Far With The Deep?

This isn’t an easy question to answer. For starters, The Deep’s arc on the show arguably isn’t going anywhere. He’s back on The Seven, he’s out of the Church of the Collective, and he’s finally lived out his dreams of getting sucked on by an octopus. So what’s the point? He shouldn’t necessarily be killed off, but maybe he should at least be a recurring character rather than a lead.

Then again, we can’t deny that Chace Crawford is a standout in the cast. Despite The Deep being a straight-up POS, he carries a naive, boyish energy in every scene that is impossible to ignore. This, coupled with his comedic timing and straight delivery of even the most ridiculous lines, makes him a wonderful part of the cast that would be sorely missed if The Deep were to get killed off.

Perhaps the best compromise is that The Deep simply gets phased out of the show. Have him for key events or interactions with characters, and then have him go work on himself and his marriage off-screen. At the same time, however, he’s just a scumbag at the end of the day that permanently ruined Starlight’s perception of the power Supes hold. Maybe the final humiliating event he has to endure in his life is a painful and agonizing death. We’re not entirely sure, but no matter which approach the writers end up choosing, we’re desperately hoping it doesn’t involve fish sex.

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