Is Ryan Reynolds A Marketing Genius?


At this stage in the game, virtually everyone knows who Ryan Reynolds is. The man has shown a penchant for thriving in any genre, and while his movies have had a mixed degree of success at the box office, Reynolds has had a successful career that’s led him to amassing a fortune.

While he is best known for his acting, Ryan Reynolds has done an outstanding job in other areas, too. In fact, his marketing skills are top-tier, leading some ot believe that he’s a genius in the area.

So, is Ryan Reynolds actually a marketing genius? Let’s take a closer look at the actor and seen what’s really going on.


Ryan Reynolds Is A Successful Actor

When it comes ot hilarious actors that people genuinely enjoy seeing in film projects, there is no denying that Ryan Reynolds is one of the biggest of the bunch. His brand of humor isn’t for everyone, and yes, he tends to play himself a lot, but the man gives maximum effort and has outstanding comedic timing.

Reynolds has been a major player in Hollywood for years now, and he’s a trusted face who knows how to pick a good project, movies like Green Lantern notwithstanding. He’s had many hit films, notably his two Deadpool movies, as well as movies like Van Wilder, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, and more.

Lately, he’s been involved in high-profile Netflix hits, which has added a new wrinkle to his game. Netflix is putting a lot of effort into their movies, and getting names like Reynolds has been a major boost.

While that’s all great, his fans are more than ready for Deadpool 3. That film will round out the character’s trilogy, and it will officially bring Ryan Reynolds and his brand of comedy into the MCU at long last.

Outside the world of acting, Reynolds has shown himself to be quite the businessman. In fact, several of his ventures have been able to make headlines.

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Ryan Reynolds Has His Hands In Business Ventures

One of the most notable companies that Ryan Reynolds is involved with is Aviation Gin, and if you follow him on social media, then you’ve likely seen him plugging the brand more than a few times.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, “In February 2018, Reynolds acquired an “unspecified minority” ownership stake in Aviation American Gin for an undisclosed sum. He also serves as the brand’s spokesman and creative director. Aviation was initially founded by Oregon-based House Spirits Distillery. In 2016 the brand was bought by a company called Davos Brands.”

The gin market is one thing, but Reynolds has also gotten involved in the mobile phone game, too.

“In November 2019, he purchased an ownership stake in Mint Mobile, which offers low-cost pre-paid mobile phone services. He is featured in online advertisement campaigns for Mint Mobile services,” Celebrity Net Worth writes.

Still not impressed, Reynolds also co-owns a soccer team, Wrexham AFC, a Welsh team with a long history.

Little is known about how much these ventures are bringing in, but the sale of Aviation Gin, depending on how much Reynolds owned, likely brought him in tens of millions of dollars.

All of these ventures are great for the actor, but they likely wouldn’t be thriving the way they are if not for Reynolds’ solid marketing skills.

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Is He A Marketing Genius?

Now, people have taken note of how Ryan Reynolds is able to work the marketing game, and there is no denying his talents in that area. Whether it’s his businesses, or even his films, the man knows how to generate interest.

SpiceWorks did a solid write-up of the strategy that Reynolds employs, even listing out all of the elements that make his marketing work. Having his name and face attached to something is already a huge advantage, but the man gets marketing.

Even Medium wrote a piece on the strategies that Reynolds has used, and they even provided some financial details.

In their conclusion, the site wrote, “Ryan Reynolds is a true visionary with his out-of-the-box marketing. Wisely he has built a production company that serves only the clients that Reynolds has a business interest in, producing incredible results for the brands involved. New-age celebrity investors now have some to look up to. His name is Ryan Reynolds.‍”

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So, is Ryan Reynolds actually a marketing genius? Well, considering that this entire article just plugged all his major companies while he sat back and didn’t lift a finger, we’d say he’s pretty darn good at getting the world out there.

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