Idris Elba’s Workout Style Makes His Film Directors Feel Very Uneasy


As if performing in front of millions isn’t stressful enough, stars are asked to maintain a certain look. We marvel at these celebs, especially those who are over 50. The likes of Dr. Dre look better than ever these days, while Tom Cruise continues to follow a strict diet, despite all his wealth and fame. He just refuses to be outworked, similar to the likes of Dwayne Johnson.

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As we’ll reveal in the following, Idris Elba also falls under this category. The actor recently turned 50, but he doesn’t look a day older than 40. The actor has quite the intense fitness regiment, which doesn’t cater to slow bodybuilding style movements. In fact, it is very much the opposite as we’ll reveal.


Along with his training, we’ll also delve into his dietary habits and how they’ve changed in recent years.

Idris Elba Loves Cardio Type Exercises

Forget about bodybuilding style workouts, Idris Elba uses a different technique to stay in shape and a lot of it requires a large amount of cardio. Alongside People, Elba discussed using something as basic as skipping rope to break a sweat.

“My favorite way to break a sweat is skipping,” he said. “I like to skip. Ten minutes of skipping is a lot of work, believe it or not. Your whole body’s going and you break a sweat very quickly.”

As for his other conditioning exercises, Elba switches things up. One day it can be jogging, swimming or even bodyweight style exercises. “I try to fit in workouts whenever I can,” he stated with Men’s Health.

“That could mean 45 minutes of running in the morning, doing 100 pushups, or swimming, which he adds “works every muscle in your body.”

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Elba admitted his style of training shows more of a commitment towards a combat style, as opposed to bodybuilding or aesthetic for the big-screen. Although this is great and has clearly kept him in shape, this has made some of his film directors feel uneasy…

Some Of Idris Elba’s Favorite Exercises Are Off-Limits While He’s Shooting A Film

In his Men’s Health interview, the actor discussed a passion for kickboxing training. Elba stated that he ran a kickboxing style of training for over a decade. His goal is an unlikely one, which is to be fight-ready.

“Some guys want to be toned or want to jog for miles,” he said, “but my ultimate fitness goal is to be fight-ready. If I step into the ring, could I go toe-to-toe for five rounds? That’s what I strive for. That’s what I consider fit. I want to know that if I’m being wrestled to the ground, I’ve got the strength to fight a man off. Kickboxing is rugged—it’s all core strength. But when you’re fight-ready, you feel like you can last forever.”

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Such a goal makes those on his films very uneasy, therefore the actor is required to tone things down, in case of an injury.

“I’m not really allowed to do it while I’m working because it’s considered too dangerous,” he says. “Film producers get very nervous.”

Of course, along with the intense training, the diet part is a crucial factor. Elba revealed that his metabolic rate has changed the older het gets.

Idris Elba Revealed That Maintaining His Weight Isn’t As Easy As It Once Was

Putting in the work inside a gym area is admirable, however, a lot of ‘real gains’ take place in the kitchen. Elba revealed that gaining weight was very hard for him during his younger days, however, that has now changed, given his altered metabolic rate.

Elba is conscious of this, though he did reveal that getting rid of the extra weight is never a problem, “When I was younger, I could never put weight on, and now that I’m a little older, there’s a natural sort of chubbiness coming,” he says. “But honestly, if I work out for a week, it drops off in no time,” he told Men’s Journal.

However, the actor is only human, and he enjoys to indulge. It isn’t just about strict diet foods. According to Elba, his favorite cheat snack of choice is none other than a Snickers bar, “My favorite midnight snack is a Snickers bar,” Elba said. “You know it’s a nougat, it’s caramel, but it’s quick as well. And you can get rid of the wrapper really quickly so no one has to know.”

Clearly, his methods are working, with Elba recently turning 50.