Hugh Jackman Finally Gains Sentience by Acknowledging Rumors About Rumors

Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Hugh Jackman woke up and chose violence this morning as he took to social media with a photo and an important question posed alongside it: just what will the rumor mill spin out about him today?

Just weeks ago, Jackman posted a different photo on Twitter, and it caused a slew of comments from anxious fans wondering if he was sharing a cryptic hint that he might be headed back to the Marvel universe. The image showed him looking at a phone, and he shared a shocked emoji with it. Of course, that led to a comments section with ideas on what Jackman could be looking at — perhaps an email welcoming him back to the Marvel universe? Could it mean he’s returning to play the beloved Wolverine?

The latest snap is less enigmatic but still asks an important question: What is Jackman stirring up now? Wearing an Adventure Time shirt, Jackman looks on at the camera with a curious expression, and Twitter responds accordingly. 

Crossy thinks he might be joining the cast of Neighbours, the long-running but soon-ending Australian soap opera.

This fan wonders if Jackman is announcing that he’s the new voice of Tinkerbell. It’s not too far off an idea, right?

Could Adventure Time be heading to Broadway?

As to be expected, several fans were wondering if he’s hinting at something regarding Adventure Time. Although, it could just mean that he really enjoys bacon pancakes. 

This fan solved the riddle, Jackman does like pancakes with bacon, but he’ll only eat them in New York.

This fan has no ideas, but says Jackman can sit next to them if he’s asking for chaos.

Of course, fans are still hoping for a Deadpool/Wolverine connection.

While there’s no real idea to know what Jackman is thinking, other than he loves to get people talking, it’s fun that he keeps playing a game with his fans. The internet can be exhausting, but we love when celebrities share interactions like this with their fans.

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