Howard Stern’s Staff Insulted His Reputation During An Awkward Encounter With Selling Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim


Howard Stern is certainly no stranger to his staffers embarrassing him. After all, the radio legend has skillfully cultivated a group of pretty unusual and often inappropriate crew members that he’s managed to make famous. Albeit not as famous as they might like.

A very awkward interaction with Netflix star Jason Oppenheim proved that two members of Howard’s crew may not be as cool as they think they are. And the result left Howard quite perturbed.

Stern Show Producer Gary Dell’Abate Made A Scene In Front Of Jason Oppenheim

While discussing what happened to his staff during the 2022 Stern Show summer break, Howard revealed that producer Gary Dell’Abate “big timed” Ronnie ‘The Limo Driver’ Mund in front of Selling Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim.


“So we went out to dinner one night [in L.A.],” Gary explained on September 7th, 2022. “We’re at a restaurant. There’s probably about ten of us at a table. We’re sitting outside. A reality star, a guy who is on the show, Selling Sunset, walks by and Ronnie goes, ‘I’m a big fan of his’. The guy and his girlfriend are holding hands and they went into the restaurant. So, Ronnie goes ‘I’m going to go in and say hello to them’.”

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Gary said he immediately sprang into action, believing this would be uncool. He advised Ronnie not to chase Jason. Instead, he said to wait for him to come out of the restaurant and then say ‘hello’. Gary then said he would even introduce Ronnie.

And that’s precisely what he did.

Only, everyone’s recollection of Gary’s introduction was far less cool than the Stern Show producer claimed.

“It was worse, what [Gary] did,” Ronnie explained. “Because [Jason Oppenheim] comes out, with his girlfriend. And there’s a table of like 15 people and Gary stands up and he goes, ‘Hey Jason! It’s Ronnie from The Howard Stern Show! He wants to say, ‘hi’!”

Stern Show staffer JD Harmeyer was sitting at the other end of the table and wasn’t privy to the lead-up. All he saw was Gary jump up enthusiastically and yell out to Jason.

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“Gary leans up and goes ‘HEY! HEY!’ And I’m like, ‘What the hell is going on over here’?” JD laughed.

Both producer Jason Kaplan and staffer Jonathan Blitt agreed with Ronnie, claiming that he would’ve handled the situation better than Gary did.

“Gary kind of scared that dude away,” Jonathan said. “I think Ronnie should’ve just gone to talk to him. He idolizes the guy.”

The result of Gary’s over-the-top introduction is debated amongst the staff. While Ronnie claims Jason fist-bumped him and walked off, the rest of the staff believe Jason was “rude” and basically just walked away.

Howard Stern Doesn’t Want To Be “Blown-Off” By Jason Oppenheim

Howard’s no stranger to taking sides in what can be truly brutal staff fights. And this case was no different. While both Ronnie and Gary are usual subjects of Howard’s wrath, it was Gary who got it.

“I will take Ronnie’s side in this one,” Howard said to Gary. “Why do you need to introduce Ronnie?”

“I was trying to help Ronnie out!” Gary said. “He was going to go chase this guy down, Howard. It was going to be really weird and uncomfortable.”

“No you weren’t trying to help me,” Ronnie cut in before explaining that he just wanted to congratulate Jason on his new car, which he saw on the reality show. Ronnie claims his conversation with Jason would’ve been short, calm, and collected… essentially the opposite of what Gary did.

“I got news for you,” Howard said. “I would probably prefer Ronnie walk up to the guy himself.”

Howard went on to say that he doesn’t like how Gary used his name and show in order to get Jason’s attention.

“I’m embarrassed that Gary stood up in the restaurant and said, ‘Hey! It’s Ronnie from The Howard Stern Show!” Howard said. “I love Gary dearly, but he does read the situation wrong sometimes.”

“Like why did their need to be an announcement?” Howard’s co-host, Robin Quivers asked.

“I’d like to think, at least in my own mind, that if you’re on The Howard Stern Show you’re a little cooler and a little more popular than whatever Selling Sunset is.”

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Howard continued by calling what Gary did “guache” and that it “embarrassed” me.

“And I don’t want Ronnie in the situation where he’s being blown-off by some, excuse me, I don’t know the man, but by some f***ing real estate dude that happens to be on a reality show. I just don’t like the whole thing. It smells,” Howard continued.

“Because my name is being shouted out, I’m being rejected by some dude on a reality show. And I’ve spent my entire career not being rejected by anybody. I don’t even do business like that,” Howard said. “And Gary’s like my producer and like, oy vey, have a little dignity.”