How What We Do In The Shadows Dodged Comedy’s Most Tired Romance Trope

In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes TV, Demetriou and Berry explained that their characters’ relationship was really refreshing because of the lack of deep conflict between them. Demetriou compared them to other comedies, where bickering becomes fodder for jokes:

“[Nadja and Lazslo’s relationship] is so fun to play because, Matt was saying earlier, you know, in comedies and sitcoms it’s quite often that it’s like, the two main couple are sort of arguing a lot and getting on each other’s nerves. But it’s so fun to play two people that no matter what they’ve done they’re just like, “Oh!,” you know, so horny for each other the whole time.”

Both vampires have had their extramarital indiscretions, though at this point it’s probably safe to say they’re in a polyamorous/open marriage, and who could blame them? Eternity is a very long time to only bone down with one other person, after all. Despite their dalliances, however, the two always have one another’s backs, and often put their partner’s happiness as the priority. In season 1, Nadja learned that the reason her cursed boyfriend of many centuries, Gregor, kept dying was because Laszlo kept killing every reincarnation. He didn’t kill these human lovers out of jealousy, however, like another character in a lesser series might. Instead, he was killing them because every time Gregor showed up, he made Nadja cry, and Laszlo couldn’t bear to see her sad. 

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