How Thor Set The Stage For Chris Hemsworth’s Spiderhead Character

In “Spiderhead,” it doesn’t take long for audiences to see that something is incredibly screwed up at the swanky penitentiary. In order to reduce their prison time, the prisoners consent to undergo tests to help with chemical and hormone-based research. Chris Hemsworth’s Steve Abnesti is always there watching with a pleasant smile and chillax demeanor. He comes across as the kind of guy that could convince you to do anything. Between Hemsworth’s natural charisma and built-in audience expectations, the path to success was clear. 

While speaking to, producer Eric Newman shared how the “Thor” star set the stage for how the team could mess with the audience:

“The idea of Chris using all of his charm and all of his charisma [and] his might to convince you that what you’re doing is your choice when it’s not. It seems, in a lot of ways, like an even bigger betrayal. And I think it’s very effective with the audience, who are seeing a guy they’ve come to love as Thor, among other things. A character who has never played a bad guy playing a really bad guy.”

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