How Kathy Hilton Became A Fan Favorite On RHOBH


Kathy Hilton is a Hollywood socialite, fashion designer, television personality, and the newest cast member on Bravo’s reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kathy has appeared in 34 episodes of RHOBH from 2011 to 2020, debuting as a friend of the housewives before becoming an official cast member. The addition of Kathy to the show was positively received by RHOBH fans, and she became a fan favorite for all the reasons listed below!

In June 2012, Kathy refused to watch her sisters, Kim and Kyle, on RHOBH because she would break down in tears over watching their lives fall apart. By June 2021, Kathy was hailed by People as “…already a RHOBH legend. Bravo’s only mistake in casting Kathy Hilton on the show is that they didn’t do it sooner.” From refusing to watch RHOBH, to becoming a legend on the show, here’s how Kathy Hilton became a fan favorite.

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9 Confusing Garcelle For Kyle

Kathy confused Garcelle for Kyle and explained during a confessional that the mixup was because of her poor eyesight and “Kyle is so much shorter.” The housewives later laughed about it as Kyle dramatically reenacted the moment as an extremely blind Kathy fumbling around calling out hers and Garcelle’s names.

8 Two Truths & A Lie

On a getaway to Lake Tahoe with the housewives, during a game of Two Truths And A Lie, Kathy played incorrectly by telling three truths; which were that she was a hairdresser, a dentist, and a receptionist. Kathy’s silly mistake relieved the tensions that were brewing from Erika’s unexpected answers by creating a light-hearted, peaceful energy and ultimately avoided a massive argument. Kyle said, “I don’t think Kathy knows much about rules. She has no interest in following any rules. Three truths? That’s not how you play, Kathy.”

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7 Kathy’s A Night Owl

Kathy got into Kyle’s bed with a Red Bull, six newspapers, and potato chips, and enjoyed the night as Kyle struggled to sleep beside her. Sutton found humor in Kathy’s nocturnal behavior that morning saying, “Kathy came into my room last night with her fan and like 8 pillows.” Kyle shared, “Even when we were little she would sleep with tin foil on her windows so she could sleep extra late… Some things never change.”

6 The Martini Prank

Kathy’s Martini Prank involved disguising water as vodka and chugging a martini to fool the other housewives at the table into thinking they’re drinking belligerently. Kathy is widely known to be a prankster, but this prank unfortunately led to a downward spiral into Sutton’s vulnerabilities and generated an emotional breakdown. Crystal explained that Sutton feels insecure whenever she is not included in a situation and everyone agreed it was a good joke, except for Sutton.

5 Calling Kyle “Doogie”

Throughout the show, Kathy referred to Kyle as, “Doogie”, which she explained as a nickname given to her because it sounds like a small child. Doogie is the youngest Richards sister and admitted to not knowing the meaning but joked that it may just be her sisters conspiring against her. While Kyle wasn’t too far off with her guess, neither Kathy, the housewives, nor the show’s producers ever confirmed the meaning of Doogie for her.

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4 Who Is Hunky Dory?

When Sutton and Crystal argued at Lisa’s party, Sutton said, “It’s hard for me to sit there and pretend everything is hunky-dory when it’s not.” In response, Kathy asked, “Who is Hunky Dory?” and unintentionally made everybody laugh, confused as to why she didn’t know the meaning of the expression. Although the drama between Sutton and Crystal wasn’t resolved, the housewives were able to enjoy the rest of the party thanks to Kathy’s humorous moment.

3 Homeless Not Toothless

When Dorit’s charity Homeless Not Toothless came up during an argument, Kathy mistakenly called the charity Toothless and Homeless, while attempting to diffuse the situation. Kathy realized her mistake and apologized to Dorit saying, “Honey, I’m so sorry. I have worked with the homeless. I have worked with the toothless.”

2 Do You Have A Cracker?

Kathy interrupted a discussion between Crystal and her husband about her eating disorder, listened and gave advice, then casually asked the couple for a cracker. Rob and Crystal politely offered Kathy various assortments until eventually the cracker she requested turned into an elaborate charcuterie board, complete with cheese and fruit.

1 Confusing Lizzo for Precious

Kathy appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, during which host Andy Cohen played a game that tested her ability to recognize celebrities’ pictures. When Andy displayed Lizzo’s photo, Kathy incorrectly identified her as “Precious,” a fictional character played by Gabourey Sidibe in a film with the same name. Kathy proved having an extremely limited knowledge of contemporary pop culture and fans laughed as Andy tried covering up by saying, “Well, she is precious.”