How Jill Zarin And Brandi Glanville Prepared For Season 2


Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Ex-Wives Club is off to an explosive start – but did the cast know what they were getting into?

Hot off the heels of the show’s premiere, we sat down with two of the stars of RHUGT Season 2’s stars, Jill Zarin and Brandi Glanville.

The (former) Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and New York, respectively, spilled the tea on how they prepared for the experience … and what they wish they’d known ahead of time.


Brandi And Jill Share Their Number One Concerns, Going Into RHUGT

If there’s one thing Real Housewives are known for, it’s glam – so it’s no surprise that when we asked Jill Zarin and Brandi Glanville their first port of call, after they’d got the call, both were quick to reference their appearances.

“My biggest anxiety was what I was going to wear,” Jill begins. “That’s all I cared about, seriously! I just went shopping for like two days straight.”

However, for Jill, there was also a logistical reasoning for that.

“You don’t want to walk in with 14 suitcases. You’re in someone else’s home [and] you don’t know how big the rooms are. That kind of stuff is what really bothered me. Everything else was fine.”

On top of that, Jill shares that she saw RHUGT as an opportunity to right the fashion wrongs of yore.

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“When I look back at the OG episodes from 15 years ago, I could pretty much speak for everyone on my cast that we all looked horrific then, and look so much better now!” she laughs.

“I wanted to come back on television looking good, but I was a little fluffy from COVID, so I focused on the clothing and looks. I tried some different hair looks. Some made it, some are going to fail, and I know I’m going to want to shoot myself when I watch the episodes and go, why did I let him do my hair like that? Or, why did I do my hair like that?”

However, even with the trial and error, Jill maintains that she’s happy to have switched it up: “I just wanted to try something different.”

As for Brandi, she wasn’t as concerned when it came to styling choices. However, she reveals that she was worried about her on-screen appearance, nevertheless.

“I just jumped on my Precor because I had the COVID weight happening. I wanted to get in shape because the camera really does add 10 pounds.”

That said, outside of appearance, Brandi had one other major concern: her soon-to-be co-star, Tamra Judge.

“Originally, Tamra wasn’t part of the cast, and we’d had some Twitter wars prior – but then they added her, like at the last minute.”

“I had been so looking forward to going, but that just changed the game for me,” she admits.

“I was thinking, I don’t want to go and have beef with someone, or walk into a fight. So, I was nervous about that, when they let me know she was coming.”

What The Ladies Were Most Excited For

Pre-show anxieties aside, both Brandi and Jill were excited for RHUGT – and they told us why.

“Just having a good time with the girls,” Jill smiles.

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“I love a girls’ trip and I love a lot of the ladies who I already knew, and I wanted to get to know the ones I didn’t.”

Jill adds that she was also looking forward to being part of the Bravo family once again. That aspect, she beams, “was great.”

Brandi, meanwhile, was simply excited to get out of the house – especially because she had been “a little depressed” while isolated from everyone.

“We were in the middle of COVID, and I hadn’t traveled for almost two years. When you’ve been at home for two years, it didn’t matter where we were going, I was thrilled.”

Brandi also jokes that even though she’d been worried about Tamra’s unexpected presence, it wouldn’t have stopped her even if she had known in advance.

“You could have anyone on the trip and I would have been like, yes, let’s go!”

One Thing Brandi And Jill Wish They’d Prepared For

Season 2 of RHUGT has all the necessary ingredients for explosive drama. However, when it comes to what Jill Zarin and Brandi Glanville wish they’d known ahead of the experience, it all comes down to the simple things.

“I wish I knew that there wasn’t going to be a lot of food, because I would have prepared more. I like to eat fruit, apples or whatever, but there was, like, no fruit,” Jill quips.

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Brandi, on the other hand, wishes she’d known she’d be something else’s food.

“I wish I knew that they had killer mosquitoes and that we were going to get eaten to death!”

Well, future RHUGT stars, there you have it: pack snacks and don’t forget the bug spray! As for the drama – who better to handle that than a Real Housewife?

Fans can catch new episodes of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Ex-Wives Club every Tuesday on Hayu.

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