How Jeremy Renner Ended Up On The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Soundtrack


When you’re known for being part of the most profitable superhero team in cinema history, sometimes people forget that the actors have a life outside of “assembling.” Jeremy Renner has a relatively impressive music career, as a multi-instrument-playing singer-songwriter with two EPs, and multiple performances on film soundtracks. In episode 4 of “The Umbrella Academy” season 3, the episode opens with the most recognizable version of “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals. However, after a lot of absolutely bananas reveals that could only exist in a show like “The Umbrella Academy,” the episode ends with Renner’s cover, serving as a poetic bookend to its events.

Renner’s version has the same haunting presence as the original, but with a modern musicality with technological sound inclusions. “I needed a different version of it, and there’s a thousand different versions of that song,” Steve Blackman told Polygon in an interview. “But Jeremy Renner’s had a really interesting ending; the way he brought out the sort of final bit of the song really worked with what Viktor was doing. … It resonated with me in my mind of what the emotional place was.” Renner’s rendition works perfectly to cap the end of the episode, and in a weird way, is an even better fit than the MCR cover would have been, as someone who knows what it’s like to have to try and save the universe.