How Close Is TLC’s Little People, Big World Family Today

The cast of Little People, Big World has gone through big life changes since the show first aired in 2006. The show is centered around the Roloff family and their farm. The family has grown and split in many ways, including the addition of spouses, grandchildren, and divorce. Fans of the TLC television show have loved watching the family grow and feel for the cast during trying times.

The largest shift in the family’s dynamic occurred in 2016 when the matriarch and patriarch of the family, Amy and Matthew Roloff, called in quits after 27 years of marriage. Ever since, tensions have risen with the introduction of new significant others and arguments over the future of the family farm. The family is not as tight as they once were, so let’s get into what the Roloff family relationships look like today.

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8 Are Ex-Couple Amy and Matt Roloff Still Close?

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff are the heart of Little People, Big World. They are the parents of Jeremy, Zachary, Jacob, and Molly Roloff. The couple shared the Roloff Family Farm, which was the center of the television show. After 27 years of marriage, the two decided to get a divorce in 2016. This drastically altered the show and their relationship, though they continued to film together. Matt took full ownership of their farm after the divorce was finalized.

Matt Roloff recently announced his decision to sell the family farm, telling People, “I’ve owned, created and worked the land for over 32 wonderful years, but it’s time to lessen my load.” Despite this change, the ex-couple maintain a civil relationship.


7 Amy Roloff And New Husband Chris Marek

After her divorce from Matt Roloff, Amy began dating Chris Marek. They were married in 2021. Fans of the Roloff family were surprised to learn their wedding was actually held at the Roloff family farm. Amy’s ex-husband offered the location to the couple, which all viewers agreed was very weird considering the memories Amy made with Matt on the farm.

This strange aspect of their relationship is not the only thing fans have called into question. Fans doubted Marek’s intentions with Amy. Time will tell if the newlyweds stand the test of time or if fans were correct in distrusting Marek.

6 Matt Roloff Cheated On Amy With Caryn Chandler

Amy Roloff was not the only one to find a second love. The ink on their divorce had hardly dried before Matt moved on to Caryn Chandler. Almost immediately, fans accused Chandler of being after Matt’s money and have disliked her ever since.

Even worse, fans suspect Matt began his relationship with Chandler before his split with Amy. Chandler worked on the farm before kindling a relationship with Matt, spurring these cheating rumors. Amy seemingly proved these allegations in her book A Little Me, in which she wrote “I saw messages, pictures, and other things that should not have been shared between people who just worked together and were still married to other people.”

Caryn and Matt are still together, and she is involved in the process of selling the family farm.

5 Jacob Roloff Regrets Little People, Big World

Jacob Roloff has a difficult relationship with the rest of the Roloff family. He has spoken out about how he felt forced to participate in Little People, Big World, as the show started when he was only nine years old. He took to Instagram at the end of 2020 to open a conversation about the trauma he experienced on the show. He wrote, “As a child, after what I realize now was a long grooming process, I was molested by an executive field producer for Little People, Big World, Chris Cardamone.”

Considering his history with reality television, it is no surprise Jacob now keeps his life very private. Recently, Jacob has been featured on his parents’ Instagram accounts, suggesting they are working through their issues.

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4 Molly Roloff’s Life Today With Husband

Molly Roloff also left Little People, Big World to focus on her life with her husband, Joel Silvius. She keeps her life very private, not wanting the attention reality shows tend to bring a family. Molly and Silvius were married on the Roloff family farm in 2017 and live happily in Spokane, Washington.

Whatever her relationship is with the rest of the family, Molly keeps it to herself. She does not often post on social media and is not involved in any aspect of filming the TLC show.

3 Do Twins Zachary And Jeremy Roloff Still Talk?

Fans of Little People, Big World were used to watching twins Zachary and Jeremy Roloff grow up as best friends. That all changed when Jeremy left the show with his wife Audrey to focus on their family. The two seem to be in competition, marrying and announcing pregnancies around the same time.

The true root of their competition seems to be centered around the family farm. Jeremy had always expressed interest in purchasing the farm from their father, but was shot down. Jeremy was likely very surprised when Zach attempted to do the same thing. An argument over the property drastically altered their relationship, and the two don’t seem to interact much anymore.

2 Do Zach And Jeremy’s Wives Like Each Other?

Much like their significant others, Audrey Roloff and Tori Roloff are in constant competition. Their feuding relationship might also be another reason why the twins don’t speak much anymore. Audrey and Tori are both very active on social media and seem to time large announcements in an attempt to out-do the other.

Fans speculated that Tori and Zach’s daughter Lilah did not meet Jeremy and Audrey’s family for a long time based on Tori’s Instagram page.

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1 What Happened Between Zach Roloff And His Dad, Matt Roloff?

The most surprising relationship is the father-son duo, Matt and Zach. Zachary is the only one of the Roloff children to remain a part of the show, as the others have moved on to live a more private life. Zachary has spent a lot of time on the farm with his father, but fans were surprised to learn that recently there has been distance between himself and his father.

This distance is due to an argument over the family farm. In an interview with ET, Zach revealed he was interested in buying part of the farm from his father, but Matt had other plans. “The whole thing was weird,” said Zach. “All of a sudden, he makes excuses and reasons why we’re not good enough to run the farm.”

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