How Chris Pratt Became The ‘Worst Hollywood Chris’

Chris Pratt is one of today’s largest movie stars. The actor got his start on Parks & Recreation, in which he played the fan-favorite Andy Dwyer. His popularity on the television show caused the actor to branch out into the movie business. Pratt now stars in the Jurassic World franchise as well as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The actor also has starred in two Amazon Prime releases, the film The Tomorrow War and show The Terminal List.

Despite his Hollywood status, Chris Pratt has received backlash from fans. People on social media have dubbed Pratt the ‘worst Hollywood Chris.’ Fans’ hatred of Pratt might have started off as a friendly competition between actors with the name ‘Chris,’ but recent information about Pratt has made the title serious. From anti-LGBTQ+ allegations to inappropriate behavior, here’s why fans think Pratt is the ‘worst Hollywood Chris.’

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8 Chris Pratt Was Once A Beloved Actor

Chris Pratt has been a lovable face in Hollywood since his days on Parks & Recreation. Fans of the hit sitcom were thrilled when Pratt was brought on to the show for longer than the initially planned 6-episode run. His casting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy was well received. Pratt was granted a second installment of the franchise, and the third film will hit theaters in May 2023.


7 Chris Pratt Vs. Chris Hemsworth And Chris Evans

The backlash Pratt received was initially in good fun. Pratt entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the third ‘Chris.’ The actor joined the ranks of Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans, both of whom had already been involved with Marvel productions as characters Thor and Captain America respectively. A playful debate ensued on social media to determine who was the best ‘Chris’ and who was the worst.

Writers over at Marvel even addressed the debate, though they refused to reveal whom they deemed the ‘Best Chris.’ Chris Pine, though not in Marvel, was also involved in fan conversations due to his involvement with DC.

6 Was Chris Pratt Inappropriate On Parks & Recreation?

Chris Pratt’s behavior on the set of Parks & Recreation was called into question when fans were reminded of a specific instance involving Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones. Pratt’s character in the show, Andy Dwyer, reveals his body to characters Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins. While filming, Pratt was meant to wear flesh colored shorts. During one take, however, Pratt was completely nude when Poehler and Jones stepped into the scene.

Pratt thought the moment was comical and laughed about it on a talk show. Though his actions seem to be solely motivated by humor, fans do not agree with his decision and think it was highly inappropriate.

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5 Pratt Wore A ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Shirt

Chris Pratt’s fall from grace began in mid-2019. He was spotted on the street with his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, while wearing a ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ shirt. The shirt also had the image of an American flag and a rattlesnake. The image and phrase was previously used by American colonies, the Tea Party, and other far-right political groups. In recent years, the flag has been used by white supremacists and has been labeled racists.

Pratt’s attire caused fans to question his political stance. The actor is known to be pretty conservative, and it is unclear what his intentions were with this shirt.

4 Chris Pratt Attends An Anti-LGBTQ+ Church

Though publicly conservative, fans were still shocked to learn that Chris Pratt attends a church known for being anti-LGBTQ+ church. Hillsong Church, which Pratt supposedly attends regularly, has been accused of not supporting equal rights. Leaders of the church have publicly called homosexuality a sin.

Though the church claims to be committed to racial equality and has denied claims of being anti-LGBTQ+, people are not so sure. Pratt himself has also stated that his church supports everyone, however his fans are still concerned.

3 Why Did Elliot Page Call Out Chris Pratt?

Elliot Page, a member of the LGBTQ+ member himself, spoke out about Chris Pratt’s alleged anti-LGBTQ+ stance. After Pratt appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to discuss his religious side and the 21-day Daniel Fast his pastor had encouraged, Page took to twitter to voice his concerns. In a tweet, Page said, “Oh. K. Um. But His Church is infamously anti lgbtq so maybe address that too?”

Page continued her criticism of Pratt’s involvement with the anti-LGBTQ+ church with more tweets. Social media blew up with comments on Pratt as this new image of the actor settled in fans’ minds.

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2 Why Chris Pratt Left Twitter

Memes are all the rage on social media, but one in particular caused Chris Pratt to flee Twitter. The ‘one has to go’ meme dubbed Pratt the ‘worst Chris in Hollywood.’ This was the culminating act after the public learned of his potential anti-LGBTQ+ and white supremacist stances.

Pratt removed himself from social media amidst the drama, and he actually missed out on quite a lot. His absence caused him to miss a Parks & Recreation reunion and Marvel’s ‘Voters Assemble’ virtual event. Pratt has since returned to social media.

1 Pratt Isn’t Alone: MCU Fans Also Hate Brie Larson

Chris Pratt is not the only actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who has received backlash from fans and social media. Though Pratt has been given a worse fate as the ‘worst Chris in Hollywood,’ his fellow castmate Brie Larson has gone through the ringer.

Larson’s statements regarding a critic’s opinion on A Wrinkle In Time started her downfall with fans. Though she seemed to have good intentions, her words certainly made it seem as if she wanted all white, male critics to be fired. At least Larson and Pratt can keep each other company as actors who have been shunned by Marvel fans.

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