Hilarious ‘Stranger Things’ Meme Explains Mike’s Obliviousness

Image via Netflix

Mike might be the beating heart of the Hawkins gang, but that’s where his contribution to the world of Stranger Things ends. At least, it’s become increasingly clear that he’ll arrive at his wits’ end when emotionally consoling his friends, if them showing clear signs of what they’re feeling and him being completely oblivious could even be called that. I mean, talk about not reading the room.

Will has been openly struggling with his identity in the latest season of the hit Netflix show, with some explicit hints as to the reason why. While we wouldn’t necessarily expect his adolescent friends to catch up with the fact that something’s clearly bothering him, the character has spent the past season being completely ignored whenever he shows his vulnerable side.

This obliviousness, especially from Mike who’s supposed to be Will’s best friend, reached a mind-boggling new height in the penultimate episode of season four. After Will encourages Mike by explaining that he is the “heart” of their crusade against stranger things from the Upside Down, he breaks down crying, perhaps reminded of his own struggle. But much to everyone’s surprise, Mike doesn’t even realize his friend is helplessly sobbing two inches away from him.

Seriously, even Argyle who spent the entire season four high must have picked on something. If Mike not being in the picture at all annoys you too, perhaps this new viral meme on Twitter can at least give you a good chuckle.

Okay, that meme may be doing our boy Will a little dirty. I mean, he’s still totally rocking that hairstyle, right? Right?

Anyway, to see just how useless Mike has been this entire season — barring that uninspired pep talk in the finale — you can catch the fourth season of Stranger Things on Netflix now.

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