Emma Watson Lives A Quiet Life But Her Home Didn’t Come Cheap At $3.3 Million


Emma Watson definitely has style when it comes to choosing her home. Emma Watson is one of the most successful and influential Hollywood celebrities. Emma started her career when she was only 11 years old, as one of the main actors in the Harry Potter movies series, as your beloved witch Hermione Granger. She is known for her simple and minimalist lifestyle.

Emma Watson always tries to keep her private life separate from her work life. She also has a sleek and simple lifestyle that just inspires everyone around her. Recently, it has been leaked that Emma bought a new home in London that costs $3.3 million.


Emma was born in Paris, France. She later moved to Oxfordshire, England, with her mother and brother. The first big purchase Emma made using her money was a vacation home in France. However, it seems that now Emma is making a bigger purchase in the country where she has spent the rest of her childhood and life.

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Emma Watson’s Influence And Career Success

Emma Watson kicked off her career in acting, as the lead actor in the Harry Potter movies series. It didn’t only stop there, Emma acted in around 15 other big hits. She has won 27 awards and was nominated for 65 others.

Aside from her acting career, Emma is one of the most influential celebrities in Hollywood. Emma Watson has been selected as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador where she is basically selected to perform her work and duties on behalf of the United Nations.

Emma has also been associated with multiple organizations that work on ending hunger, poverty, and supporting women. Some of these organizations include Millenium Promise, Alliance, and Org. She also had a huge role when it came to the #MeToo movement and encouraged multiple girls to speak up against sexual harassment. She has been added to the Time magazine’s 100 most influential people.

Emma Watson’s Net Worth and Owned Property

Emma’s career started with Harry Potter movies, after the first movie, her net worth was already over $10 million. She has earned in total around $70 million from the Harry Potter movies. Currently, Emma’s net worth is around $85 million.

When it comes to Emma Watson’s property, the first big purchase that she made once she turned 18 and had full legal autonomy over her financials, was a luxury vacation chalet in Meribel, France.

She bought it in 2008 for around $1.8 million, however, it costs around $4 million now. It has been rumored that Emma has also recently purchased a new home in Los Angeles, where her boyfriend lives. However, there is no clear evidence for this yet.

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Emma Watson’s Private London Home

Emma has always been keen on keeping her private life apart from her career. She always avoids giving out any information regarding where she lives or her whereabouts. Recently, a piece of information regarding her London home purchase leaked.

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In total, the property measures 2271.19 square feet. In this vintage terraced house, there are four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two living rooms. It is located in the beautiful Canonbury Place, London.

It is still unknown which home exactly would Emma really settle in. Now, there are rumors going around about her purchasing a home in Los Angeles to be close to her boyfriend, and that she will move in with him. Yet, they have been also spotted multiple times by her new London home.

Canonbury Place, also known as Canonbury square, is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in London. The area developed in the eighteenth century, and since then, it has been home to many celebrities and public figures.

It is a garden square located in Canonbury in the Islington area, North London. Many of the houses in the square are actually listed buildings, meaning they are maintained and protected by the British government.

The area has a very peaceful, quiet, and simple vibe; which really suits Emma’s lifestyle. There are several old London plane trees in the central public gardens, as well as attractive flower beds. In 1956, The Evening Standard newspaper described Canonbury square as “London’s most beautiful square.”

Some public figures and famous people who lived in this area include George Orwell, Evelyn Waugh, Samuel Phelps, Duncan Grant, and Vanessa Bell.

Ultimately, all the fans are waiting to see what will happen exactly in her love life, and her career. This will highly determine which home she settles in eventually. And who knows? Maybe she ends up buying another beautiful home that expresses her inspiring elegance and authenticity!