Doja Cat Wants To Date ‘Stranger Things’ Star Joseph Quinn

Doja Cat Joseph Quinn Noah Schnapp

Credit: Netflix / Getty / NBC

Doja Cat really wants to date Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn, according to allegedly leaked DMs between her and Noah Schnapp on Instagram. Honestly, after binging all of season four in a night, who can blame her?

Quinn scored his breakout role as Hellfire Club leader Eddie Munson in the penultimate run of Netflix’s hit show. Doja, like many of us, acted like a cat in heat whenever he was onscreen. But, unlike the rest of us, she actually made a move.

Schnapp revealed the screenshots in a TikTok on Thursday. Doja supposedly asked the actor over Insta whether Joseph has a girlfriend. The bowl cut enthusiast then told her to slide into his DMs instead, and forwarded his Instagram profile. Noah, you cheeky devil.

Fans quickly began shipping the two icons. Several of them begged that they get together if they can’t date Quinn themselves, while others dubbed them a potential power couple.

“OMG the ultimate power couple,” TikToker Thee Megan Louise said in the comments to Schnapp’s video.

“Noah you have to persuade him,” said another.

“Okay but can we blame her,” rhetorically asked another Joseph Quinn stan.

Neither Doja or Quinn have publicly responded to the alleged DMs as of yet, but it seems like the latter definitely knows the “Say So” rapper fancies him. 

Doja described him as “fine as shit” in a Tweet back on June 30th, before Quinn then liked a post by the official Netflix Instagram channel featuring that tweet. 

This isn’t the first time Schnapp has been chaotically messy on TikTok, either. The Stranger Things star appeared to confirm his character Will Byers was queer, and had a crush on his bestie Mike Wheeler, after he liked a Will and Mike fan-cam on TikTok.