Does Gordon Ramsay Actually Eat The Airplane Food When He Travels?


International super chef, Gordon Ramsay, is probably known best for his shouting tirades and his desperation for somebody, anybody to find the lamb sauce…

But outside of his TV and internet reputation, he’s a brilliant chef with decades of experience under his belt.

With his busy schedule, he’s constantly traveling and working hard to maintain his brand. But when he can’t find his own restaurants, what does he choose to eat instead? And while traveling, is he a fan or airplane food?


Where Does Gordon Ramsay Like To Eat?

As his fans are fully aware of, chef Gordon Ramsay doesn’t eat just any old thing. On his former TV show Kitchen Nightmares, if he’s presented with a dish that isn’t up to his standards, not only will he not finish his plate, but he might also go into the kitchen to yell at the cooks for a while.

But with his incredibly high standards, what exactly does he enjoy outside his own food? During an interview with, he was asked about what types of restaurants he frequents.

He was quoted saying, “I love Nobu and Chez Bruce in London.” Nobu is a Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine with a minimalist aesthetic, and Chez Bruce is French dining with a high-end aesthetic.

Ramsay continues, “There’s also a beautiful little tapas restaurant in South London called Lola Rojo. In the U.S., I recently visited Michel Richard’s Citronelle, which was fantastic.”

Lola Rojo was a contemporary Spanish restaurant and Citronelle was a French cuisine restaurant. Unfortunately, both restaurants have permanently closed.

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Gordon Ramsay Is Not A Fan Of Airplane Food

Out of the delicious recommendations Ramsay has provided, there’s one place he spent his years outright refusing to eat, and he’s been more than vocal about it. He’s openly admitted to refusing to eat airplane food.

In an interview with Refinery29 in 2017, he voiced his literal distaste for it in his, erm, colorful language that he’s become synonymous with. He was quoted saying, “There’s no f—— way I eat on planes. I worked for airlines for ten years, so I know where this food’s been and where it goes, and how long it took before it got on board.”

Instead, he opts out of eating airplane food in favor of eating at his restaurant, Plane Food, which opened in March 2008 and is located in Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

“We offer these amazing picnics to take onboard. They’re light, easy to carry, and most importantly, absolutely delicious.”

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What Has Gordon Ramsay Been Up To Recently?

Season 12 of MasterChef is currently airing on Fox, and the season winner has yet to be determined. However, there’s a casting call currently opening auditions for new chefs to try out their best dishes to be judged by Ramsay and a panel of judges.

Last year’s season of the American competitive cooking reality TV show boasted a 2.5 million viewership average per episode. Around the time season 4 aired, the first season of MasterChef Junior aired, the spin-off show that starred children and young teens as the chefs.

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Ramsay also just recently opened up a new steakhouse restaurant called Gordon Ramsay Steak at Caesars Southern Indiana casino and hotel. The menu consists of dry-aged beef, Beef Wellington, Sticky Toffee Pudding, wines, cocktails and local bourbons. Ramsay was stopped by, a local Indiana news station, and briefly interviewed about his newest restaurant venture and his inspiration for opening the steakhouse in a place that some would consider the “middle of nowhere.”

“The Southern Indiana-Louisville area is an amazing location, with access to a sophisticated agriculture system,” Ramsay said in the release. “In my travels through the Midwest, I’ve seen how incredible the quality of the ingredients are. I’m really excited to take the amazing culinary bounties of the region and showcase all the area has to offer.”

Gordon Ramsay has a gift for finding delicious foods and ingredients from all over the world, and fans of good food are eager to see what he has to offer next.