Did A Dog Cause Sylvester Stallone’s Divorce?


The topic of celebrity divorce is one that has been widely covered for ages. People can’t seem to get enough of famous people’s relationships falling by the wayside. Whether it becomes messy like Sandra Bullock’s split, or involved alleged infidelity like Ne-Yo’s, divorce is always a hot topic.

Sylvester Stallone has received coverage for his romances, and recent rumors suggest that a dog could be the driving force behind his pending divorce. Let’s take a look and see what’s actually going on!


Sylvester Stallone Has Been In The Business For Decades

During the 1970s, Sylvester Stallone burst onto the scene in Hollywood with Rocky, after struggling to become a household for years. That movie changed the course of Stallone’s life, thirsting him into the spotlight, where he has remained ever since.

The actor was down on his luck when he penned Rocky, and forcing the studio to let him star in it is what really sealed the deal for the actor.

“I thought, ‘You know what? You’ve got this poverty thing down. You really don’t need much to live on.’ I sort of figured it out. I was in no way used to the good life. So I knew in the back of my mind that if I sell this script. and it does very very well, I’m going to jump off a building if I’m not in it,” Stallone once recalled.

Stallone’s time in entertainment has given way to media coverage for a wide range of reasons, including his love life.

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His Marriage To Jennifer Flavin Is Sadly Reaching An End

US Magazine went into great details regarding Stallone’s romance with Jennifer Flavin, who Stallone has been involved with for decades.

“Stallone and Flavin met in 1988. The Rocky star was previously married twice — to Sasha Czack from 1974 to 1985 and Brigitte Nielsen from 1985 to 1987 — before he started dating the model. (He shares sons Sage and Seargeoh with his first wife.) The twosome hit their first bump in the road in 1994 when Stallone had an affair with Janice Dickinson more than five years into their romance,” the site wrote.

The model and entrepreneur had a longstanding romance with Stallone, and the pair had their share of ups and downs, splitting up multiple times through the years. In spite of this, they seemed to always make their way back to one another, a sign that something real was there.

The duo married in 1997, and they have since had several children together.

While things seemed to be working out for the pair, it was recently announced that they are splitting up from one another. To make matters more interesting, it’s been alleged that a furry companion could have been the catalyst for the split.

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It’s Alleged That His Dog Played A Part In The Split, But Is This True?

In what came as a bit of a surprise, rumors were floating around suggesting that Stallone and his ex got into a spat about their dog, and that this was the catalyst for their split.

“Sources directly connected to the couple tell TMZ, the “Rocky” star wanted to get a Rottweiler for protection — protection for their family — but Jennifer did not want another dog. We’re told the 2 were at loggerheads over the pooch, and they each fiercely stuck to their positions. Our sources say they had an extremely heated argument that brought up other issues, although we’re told none of those issues appeared to be marriage-enders,” TMZ reported.

This sounds like such a silly reason for a split, but stranger things have happened before.

The actor did get the dog, and he posted about Dwight multiple times on social media. Makes sense, as people love showing off their four-legged family member for everyone to enjoy.

Stallone, however, rebuked this claim.

“We did not end the relationship on such a trivial argument. We just went in different directions. I have the highest respect for Jennifer. I will always love her. She’s an amazing woman. She’s the nicest human being I’ve ever met,” the star told TMZ.

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It’s truly bizarre that poor Dwight was the rumored fracture in Stallone’s marriage. Things were obviously not working out overall, and the duo have since split. If Jennifer was not on board with getting Dwight in the first place, then we cannot imagine she will want to split custody.