DETAILS: What Was Vidyasagar Death Reason? Drishyam Actor Meena’s Husband Dead At 48, Family & Funeral Updates!


DETAILS: What Was Vidyasagar Death Reason? Drishyam Actor Meena’s Husband Dead At 48, Family & Funeral Updates!, #DETAILS #Vidyasagar #Death #Reason #Drishyam #Actor #Meenas #Husband #Dead #Family #Funeral #Updates Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV N E W S, This is what we have for you today:

In this article, we are going to tell you very shocking news about a well-known South Indian actress whose name is Meena so new news came up on 29th June that her husband has died. This is very heartbreaking news and talking about his cause of death so he was going the long related problem and also the post covid health complications he was very sick and ill however it is said that he died due to a lung infection. Vidyasagar was admitted to the hospital for curing the treatment of the disease in his lungs many years and still, he was fighting and trying to survive this disease but after loved his health started getting more worse. So as per the reports, his infection was very much intense and spreading all over his body then the doctor advised that he should go for long transplantation but the whole family denied and they were not able to find a good Donor. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Actor Meena's Husband Vidyasagar Cause Of Death

Actor Meena’s Husband Vidyasagar Cause Of Death

However, he was on life support but Tuesday evening his condition was very serious and everyone in his family was very concerned and worried about him. His whole family is completely devastated and they are going through a very hard and rough time. At this moment we respect them and want to give some space to the whole family. Talking about their marriage so both of them got married in the year 2009 talking about his educational qualification so Vidyasagar was a very well-settled person and he was a Bengaluru based It professional. Together both of them have raised a daughter whose name is Nainika who also made a debut in the movie Theri. Everyone is paying him their tribute on the social media platform and sending his family hot felt condolence at this sorrowful time.

Drishyam Actor Meena: Wikipedia & Bio

Talking about Meena and her family so all of them had tested positive for covid 19 in January. Meena took her social media platform to make people aware of the disease and she also mentions staying safe and healthy. Talking about the funeral details of her husband with their Sagar so it is here to be revealed by her family but we will make sure to update you about the funeral details whenever there will be an official statement by her family. Meena was a very successful actress and she also received many awards for the Malayalam movies like Drishyam 1 and 2 talking about her last movie so she gave Zherdev a view in the Telugu movie and the name of the movie was the son of India. Talking about their daughter so she started working as a child actress.

Sometimes the words are very hard to find when we are sharing and expressing our condolence he was a beautiful soul and a person full of love and faith he has departed from the Earth very soon but he will be still alive in our hearts also through our memories. We are not even able to understand what his family is going through right now but we are thinking of him at this moment of pain we extend to you our heartfelt condolence may our Lord come for you and your love once. May your heart and soul also find peace and comfort


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