Democrats race to agree climate deal but Manchin a potential obstacle – live | US politics


When they were negotiating Build Back Better last year, president Joe Biden and Democratic leaders made proposals, and then tried to get all their lawmakers in Congress on board. The effort ended up failing, and now it appears they are trying a different strategy as they work on a new spending bill that could be announced in the weeks after Congress returns from recess.

Negotiators appear to be focusing on writing legislation that will contain proposals all of its lawmakers will support – particularly in the Senate, where every Democrat’s vote will be needed to overcome a filibuster and pass the bill through the reconciliation procedure.

Yesterday, Politico reported that lawmakers had reached an agreement on provisions to lower prescription drug costs, and The Washington Post’s report today signals that they’re trying to find consensus around measures to fight climate change – particularly those that would pass muster from Joe Manchin, the West Virginia senator whose resistance doomed Build Back Better last year.

Republicans are looking for ways to stop the effort. The Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell has threatened to torpedo a bipartisan bill meant to fund American technological competitiveness if Democrats move forward with their unilateral proposal.

Good morning, US politics blog readers. Democrats are using what may be their limited time left controlling Congress to build a new spending package that will pay for many of the party’s priorities – such as fighting climate change. The Washington Post reported today that Joe Manchin, the West Virginia centrist who scuttled a previous spending effort last year, remains a sticking point in reaching a climate agreement, though talks are continuing.


Here’s what else is going on today:


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