Brendan Fraser Interrupted Rob Lowe’s SNL Send-Off After He Realized There Was No Time Left To Promote His Film


Its longevity is remarkable, however, the actors and actresses themselves can admit, appearing on SNL truly is no easy task. It is easy to get off track, especially when it comes to breaking, we’ve seen so many examples of that in the past.

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Unfortunately, we’ve also seen some awkward moments… more than a few (we’re looking at you Kanye). We’ll discuss one in particular that took place between Brendan Fraser and Rob Lowe.


Lowe discussed the moment on his Literally Podcast, giving fans an inside look on what he thinks went down between the two way back in the day, over two decades ago.

Brendan Fraser Is Back In The Spotlight Thanks To His Work In The Whale

Let’s just say Brendan Fraser is a long ways away from films like Bedazzled… but we’ll have more on that a little later. Nowadays, Brendan Fraser is celebrating a career comeback in a major way, receiving strong reviews for his role in The Whale. It was unveiled at the Venice Film Festival, not only did fans give the actor a huge ovation lasting more than 10-minutes, but he also received Oscar-buzz for the role.

According to Fraser, he’s just trying to stick around while appreciating the praise and support.

“I”m just trying to stay in today,” he told reporters about his return.

“So, I guess all I have to deal with is your good selves for the moment. Thank you for the warm reception. I’m looking forward to how this film makes a deep impression on everyone, as much as it has on me.”

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Turning back the clock to over two decades ago, Fraser had different priorities, which might’ve involved promoting a certain film… Rob Lowe discussed the SNL moment in detail, claiming that he’s still a little shook as to what exactly went down.

Rob Lowe Was Stunned By Brendan Fraser’s Interruption During His Closing Monologue On SNL

Speaking on his Literally Podcast, Rob Lowe discussed some experiences on SNL, including a very awkward moment alongside Brendan Fraser. The scenario in question was supposed to be Rob Lowe signing off with a closing monologue, however, that changed when the actor heard something coming from the background.

“The last time it happened it was Brendan Fraser… I’m going ‘Good night. Thank you. I want to thank everybody’ and in the background he’s yelling ‘Bedazzled. Bedazzled. Bedazzled.’… He had a movie called Bedazzled that was opening that weekend.”

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Rob Lowe would further reveal that he spent years trying to understand what had taken place on the SNL stage that very night with Fraser. According to Lowe’s theory, it might’ve been the cast of the show running out of time, and Fraser not being able to promote his film.

“All I can think of, I’ve spent many years trying to figure out what was going on with Brendan that night, and the nearest I can come to is that he was somehow promised a walk-on during the show and the show ran long and he just was like, ‘F*** it. I’m gonna go up and yell Bedazzled behind Rob Lowe’s head.”

Despite the missed attempt, Bedazzled would still go on to generate $90 million at the box office. Not too shabby.

It Wasn’t The First Time Rob Lowe Got Interrupted During An SNL Monologue

Rob Lowe had some weird experiences on SNL… Surprisingly, getting interrupted by Brendan Fraser wasn’t the first time his monologue got hijacked. The same took place with Chevy Chase, who was among the least popular SNL stars, at least behind the scenes.

“The first time someone jumped in on my goodbyes was Chevy, who has a very complicated, to put it mildly, relationship with the show and everybody. I don’t think he’d been there. “

Nonetheless, Lowe made mention that he enjoyed the moment, given his love for the actor. “I think he’d been around that week and was checking stuff out and was like, ‘I’m just gonna go up.’ And people went crazy, were happy to see him. But it was like my idol.”

Lowe hasn’t appeared on SNL in more than two decades, and we assume he might be okay with that.