Black Adam Is Coming To SDCC, The Smallville Podcast & More


“Peacemaker” became a very successful spin-off on HBO Max thanks to “The Suicide Squad.” So, what about a Captain Boomerang spin-off? Well, even though he’s dead (sorry, spoilers), Jai Courtney is very much game for something along those lines. Speaking with recently, the actor said the following:

“The sort of TV streaming realm right now is really exciting and I think exploring something like that, you know, longer format and giving it a little more space would be really cool … I kind of have some ideas around that, you know, which I think would work for a character like Boomerang because he’s so much fun. I think it’d be really cool to get into some backstory stuff and the nature of how he falls in the DC world, you know? I doubt wherever, you know, particularly now, I doubt there’s any plans for a standalone film, but yeah, man. I mean, that’d be cool. He’s one of those roles that I would love to just kind of be able to do again and again. It’s like so much fun and probably a little too easy for me in a way. But I think there’s tremendous potential for enjoyment with something like that and we could really push the kind of boundaries of what’s possible. So, listen, just waiting on the call from Warner Brothers. I mean, if they want me to throw that jacket on again, I’ll be more than happy to oblige.”

Your move, Warner Bros.