Almost Lover (2022) Episode 12 With English Subs

Almost Lover (2022) Episode 12 English SUB is now available for watching. Almost Lover (2022) Eng Sub MyasianTv free and more drama online without downloading, WATCH NOW. Yaaritime will always be the first to have the episode, so bookmark us for future updates.


Victoria Song Xu Weizhou Chen Heyi Gong Wanyi RenGao Guo Shuojie Ren Bin

He Xiaoran, Xiao Shangqi, and Chen Fei’er were inseparable friends when they were students. He Xiaoran had a crush on Xiao Shangqi for eight years and watched him court Chen Fei’er. For the sake of their friendship, she decided to bury the secret in her heart, only to see Chen Fei’er squander Xiao Shangqi’s feelings again and again.

Many events before their college graduation eventually destroyed their friendship. After being betrayed in both love and friendship, the once sunny He Xiaoran fled Shanghai for a nearby city and became an anchorwoman at a midnight radio station.

Three years later, Xiao Shangqi came to this city under great pressure to manage a four-star hotel that was on the verge of bankruptcy. Plagued by many doubts and misunderstandings, the two met again in a foreign land and eventually fell in love while hurting and worrying about each other.

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