All The Drama That Went Down On Netflix’s Dated And Related


Following several Netflix dating reality shows which have birthed popular reality TV stars, Netflix premiered Dated And Related on September 2, where viewers saw 16 hot and dynamic contestants navigate dating in a luxury villa in the South of France. They paired them with their siblings who were also there to find love for themselves, and help their siblings find love too.

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Netflix dubbed it the “most awkward dating show in history,” and it delivered as expected, although thankfully not as cringe as the name implies. From an awkward sleeping format to sharing a kiss and some flirty comments right in front of their siblings, the 10-episode run was uncomfortable, yet easily a binge-worthy series viewers couldn’t get enough of.

With questions of where the siblings are now, let’s unpack some of the drama that went down in the South of France.


10 Double Twins Coupling Turned Out To Be A Major Fail

The Bishop twins and the Parsijani twins would have looked good on paper, just as they looked good in person, but that ship sank, before it even floated. Starting off from the arrival of Alara to the Wade Brothers which was sort of the deal-breaker, Kieran and Nina broke their growing relationship off, and found comfort with Alara and Daniel, making it to the finals.

9 The Eviction Process Was Always Emotional

Although the show brought the fun, heat, and drama, it also brought so many teary moments between the contestants when it came to saying goodbyes to a sibling pair. Episode 1 was an emotional one watching the Bajor Sisters (Lily and Mady) leave after nominating them, then followed by Dyman and Deyon (the Millers). Then came the emotional exit of New Jersey boys and wanna-be Zac Efron/Brad Pitt duo Chris and Jason. Let’s just say the siblings had a moment in the villa, and it was great to watch how well they bonded.

8 Melinda Stole The Whole Show, Just Put A Name On It

The all-around big sister Melinda Melrose was more than a big sister setting up the single siblings on dates. With every entrance came a show-stealing moment, and she made the lounge her runway. Big sister Melinda also had her own DM (Dear Melinda), alongside serving as narrator in addition to her hosting duties. Suffice it to call it The Melinda Melrose show. Viewers are hoping to see her again should there be another season.

7 Brothers Picking Dates For Their Sisters

With the whole premise of the show hanging on siblings finding love for themselves, the show saw a new and fresh entry into the house in episode 3, consisting of Julia and Daniel (The Perfettos), Ceylan and Alara (The Taneris). In a poolside question and answer set up going on, the brothers set their sisters on a blind date, selecting their best picks from the guys. Their picks were completely different from what the girls had in mind for the date, with Alara wanting Keiran instead of Deyon, and Julia wanting Joey instead of Chris.

6 William Wade Was The Smooth-Talker, Knowing Everything Not To Say

The Wade twins made a vintage-on-wheels and hair-flipping entrance into the house, ready to charm the girls with smooth talk, but that may have backfired, at least for William who found himself in heated confrontations, not once, but twice. Having made Julia and Rachel sad from his snide comments and hasty response to them, which they found offensive, the girls called him out for it in episodes 7 and 9.

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5 An Awkward First Date With Brothers, And Corrina’s Double Rejection

Fun-loving Corrina didn’t have luck finding love in the villa twice. Having had eyes for sexy firefighter Kaz at the beginning, and even securing a date for herself with him, that didn’t sway Kaz who already had his eyes on Diana. She moved on to Daniel, with some kisses shared, but Daniel was more interested in Diana’s twin Nina. Henry came into the picture later on, but she tilted to Andy. The two agreed to be just friends towards the show’s ending.

4 A Prom Choice Gone Wrong

Corrina’s brother Joey also had his own fair share of heartbreak, when Julia asked William to be her prom date in episode six rather than him. That turned out to be something she regretted afterwards, and subsequent efforts to mend things with the two was just not working. Joey couldn’t get past the William situation, hence cooling down their burning connection.

3 Ceylan Being Unlucky In Love And Bounced Off The Villa

When Ceylan came into the villa, he was interested in Julia, but unfortunately, his feelings were unrequited. Not even his sister’s intervention and securing a date with Julia could change the made-up mind of Julia who liked Joey. He took another swing with new fish in the villa Rachel, but was friend-zoned after a friendly kiss and sent home by Rachel who picked William to stay in the villa. That didn’t go as planned for her.

2 The Alara/ Nina/ Kieran Love Triangle

Initially, it felt like the Nina And Diana Show with almost all the guys gunning for them. So when Alara arrived in episode three with her eyes set on Nina’s man Kieran, it was an epic man-battle and a drama-full ride like other reality shows with girl dramas. Kieran accommodated the flirty comments from Alara, and Nina wasn’t having it. From an awkward parcel game to a better kiss brag and a Champions League comparison, things escalated quickly, with Kieran and Nina’s relationship taking an odd turn, and Alara finally getting her man. The relationship didn’t survive outside the villa, but they are cool, even joking about it on Instagram.

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1 A Twist In The Cash Prize And Who Got It

In a surprise of a lifetime, the siblings were gobsmacked when it was revealed by Melinda that the $100,000 prize money would be going to be the best couple, not the best wingman/ wingwoman sibling pair. Kaz and Diana won the prize, after narrowing down the selection to three couples in the villa. Thankfully, these two walked away $100,000 richer and are still together since their time in the villa in the South of France came to an end.