Alien³ Could Have Been A Bizarro Take On Disney


Premiere Magazine went on to chronicle the next emergency rewrite, which involved 20th Century Fox dropping an additional $600,000 for Walter Hill and Dave Giler (who both produced “Alien” and conceived the story for “Aliens”) to erase any similarities to “Snow White.” Multiple previous drafts were hastily Human-Centipeded together, picking up the prison setting from a draft written by David Twohy and the monk angle from a treatment by Vincent Ward. Giler transformed the monks into what he called “your basic militant Christian fundamentalist millenarian apocalyptic” type of characters. Both the studio and Sigourney Weaver, who also served as a co-producer, liked the Giler/Hill additions, but Fincher did not.

Ultimately, Hill, Giler, and Ferguson were the only credited screenwriters on “Alien³,” but there are many other fingerprints on the script.

The “Snow White” angle could have been interesting enough. A horror version of a Disney fable, with a bone-like cockroach monster in place of the Evil Queen. There’s no reason that this, from a story perspective, would not have worked. The alien could leave some kind of poisonous spore in Ripley’s food, recreating the poison apple. Perhaps this particular alien had the ability to gestate a second time, pupating into a more monstrous version of itself, mirroring the Queen’s transformation into the Crone.

It wouldn’t be the last time Weaver dabbled in “Snow White” stories. In 1997, Weaver played the Evil Queen opposite Monica Keena in Michael Cohn’s TV movie “Snow White: A Tale of Terror.” Everything, it seems, comes full circle.