A Look Inside Carl Radke And Lindsay Hubbard’s Love Story


Can men and women be friends? Yes, and then they can fall in love.

That is what happened with Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke of Summer House. Both were part of the original season of the Bravo series, and are two of the original cast mates still remaining.

Carl and Lindsay have both had other relationships over the years at the house, some of them serious. But the duo have remained close friends throughout, until they became more than that. Bravo fans were thrilled when they officially became a couple in 2021.

Summer House has its drama, and there have been many couples who have both come together and broken up during the fun summers in the Hamptons. One couple, Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke finally wed in September 2021, after years of ups and downs. It looks like Carl and Lindsay will be next.

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8 The Early Summer House Days Of Carl Radke

In season one, Carl had a fling with cast member, Lauren Wirkus, which caused much drama in the house. There were other women in Carl’s life. This upset Lauren, as well as her identical twin sister. Ashley. There was a lot of tension and fighting until the pair decide to remain just friends.

After that mess of a relationship, Carl said he would not be with anyone from the house again. That changed quickly when Paige DeSorbo joined the Summer House. Carl and Paige spent some time making out in the pantry, until they also began fighting.

Carl was a partier and drank a lot over the first few seasons. There were many women. He even labeled himself a ” recovering f*** boy”. He eventually gave up alcohol and worked to become a better person.

Sometimes people really can change.

7 The Early Summer House Days Of Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard began her season one with a boyfriend. She and Everett Weston came to Summer House as a couple. As the season went on, we saw how tumultuous that relationship was. There was a lot of fighting and making up. They eventually split at the end of the season, but he popped back up a few times in season two.

Lindsay did not always get along with many of her cast mates in the house. She uses the term, “activated” to describe how she is when she gets angry. She has had blowups with Hannah Berner, Paige DeSorbo, and Ciara Miller.

But one of her most memorable fights was with her ex, Stephen Traversie, when she yelled at him for always asking for a SANDWICH and never making her one.

6 Summer House’s Lindsay And Carl Tried Dating Once Before

Lindsay and Carl became friends over their first few summers on Summer House. In season four, the duo tried to make a go of dating each other. It did not go particularly well at all.

In the end, they said they were in different places. Lindsay said she wanted a serious relationship leading to marriage, while Carl was looking to just date. Things went bad when Carl was interested in another woman.

“Our expectations were not aligned, which is where it all went wrong.” Lindsay said on her Instagram at the time.

Many commented that they thought Carl treated her badly, but she defended him, “He owned his sh– and we have both moved on”. Carl was still drinking at the time, and some think it might have gone differently if he was sober.

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5 Are Summer House’s Lindsay And Carl Friends?

After their brief and not-so-good relationship ended, Lindsay and Carl became close friends once again. Maybe even closer than before.

The two moved into the same NYC building and spent a lot of time together. In September 2020, Lindsay announced that she moved to a new apartment. Just two months later, Carl said he was leaving his Soho neighborhood for greener pastures in Gramercy, which was Lindsay’s building.

The proximity seemed to bring the friends closer, as they spent more time together. On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Lindsay said, “We spend five days a week together, going to the grocery store, going on runs, cooking dinner.” They created a friendship that they eventually built on.

4 Lindsay’s Hot Hobbs Summer

Lindsay began the summer of 2021 wanting to be free and single. After her disastrous relationship the previous year with Stephen Traversie, she just wanted to have fun. And she did. Lindsay said, “I had the most fun summer of my entire life. Legitimately the most fun. So that was my goal, and I think I accomplished it“.

That August, Lindsay threw herself a huge themed birthday party, which she called a “Twisted Fairytale”. Lindsay called it “one of the best weekends of all of Summer House history”. Then they had that Lindsay/Austin/Ciara love triangle, which caused a lot of feuding in the house. It even sparked the wine and glass throwing between Ciara and Danielle.

Lindsay’s “Hot Hubbs Summer” ended in a very unexpected way.

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3 Lindsay and Carl Finally Get Together On The Summer House

The Summer House crew decided to mark the end of summer 2021 with a prom party. Lindsay and Carl decided to go together “as friends”. She pulled wore her actual prom dress from high school. The dress was inspired by Halle Berry’s 2003 Oscar gown. Their feelings began to develop at that party.

Lindsay’s Instagram stories said, “And we truly didn’t leave each other’s side that day…my heart was beating faster, and something just felt different…We didn’t slow dance that night, but he put me on his shoulders (which is basically the Summer House version of slow dancing).”

After that, the couple were quite cozy at Kyle and Amanda’s wedding. Then they were secretly dating, although rumors were flying that they were a couple.

In January 2022, Lindsay confessed they were officially a couple, and Carl confirmed it a few days later. They seemed very happy and soon announced they were moving in together.

2 Are Lindsay Hubbard And Carl Radke Engaged?

On Saturday, August 27, 2022, Carl Radke asked Lindsay Hubbard to marry him, and she said “a thousand times yes”. The proposal took place on Southhampton’s Dune Beach and was filmed by Bravo for the upcoming season of Summer House.

Carl said that Lindsay was hard to trick, but he had her believe they were going to the beach for a group bonfire. Instead, she found an intimate picnic for the two of them. He hid the ring in her beach bag and when he got it out, he got down on one knee and proposed. Lindsay was so excited and said she didn’t even care about the ring, but Carl just had to give her the Nicole Rose ring, featuring a 3.5-carat square brilliant cut cushion with two half-moon diamonds on the side.

Then the couple headed to Dockers Waterside Marina and Restaurant, where they were met by friends and family. The happy couple is ecstatic.

“It’s a whole lot of love,” Lindsay said. “It’s very clear, if you look at this finger, that this man loves me so much.”

1 What Will Happen On Summer House Season 7?

Summer House season seven is coming. The cast mates have been seen shooting all around the Hamptons this summer.

One thing we are sure of is that Carl and Lindsay’s engagement will be a great episode.

Many from last season will be returning but Luke Gulbranson, Alex Wach and Andrea Denver are no longer part of the cast. Andrea is said to appear in a few episodes. Luke confirmed he will not be joining his housemates, and that he was sad about it. But rumor has it that he may be filming his own home renovation show.

There may be some drama between Lindsay and Paige DeSorbo, which was very apparent in the season 6 reunion. And we will see the dynamic between Kyle and Amanda as a married couple.