A Group Of Friends Really Just Sued Each Other To Get On Court TV Shows


If you ever stayed home sick from school, then chances are you’ve seen your share of court TV. These shows have been around for ages, and they’ve given way to uncomfortable moments, some notable figures, and massive paydays for the biggest names in the genre.

Recently, a TikTok user opened up about their experience going on court TV. As you can imagine, these video was shocking, but not for the reasons you’d think.

This group of friends sued each other just to get on TV, and we have all the hilarious details of this story below!


For decades now, court TV shows have been a staple of the small screen. For some reason, audiences just can’t get enough of people suing each other, and doing so in front of a television audience for the world to see.

Many shows have come and gone, and a few of them have even turned the leads into major stars. Virtually everyone is familiar with who Judge Judy is, and just as many know all about Judge Joe Brown. Their shows made them household names, and they were instrumental in keeping this odd genre of TV alive and well.

Because these shows are so popular, they pay well.

“According to a new Forbes ranking, Judy Sheindlin, known to audiences as Judge Judy, takes the No. 1 spot on the list of highest-paid talk show hosts with $147 million in pretax income last year. Shiendlin majorly ramped up her earnings by selling the rights to the Judge Judy library (consisting of 5,200 episodes) to CBS for $100 million. That sale more than tripled her annual earnings, according to Forbes. She normally rakes in $47 million from her duties as Judge Judy host and a producer of Hot Bench,” EW writes.

As much as we want to believe everything we see on TV, a TikTok user recently shed some light on his court TV experiences.

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The Guys In Question

Ben Palmer, who has a considerable following on TikTok, is the one who brought this revelation to light. Palmer stated that he and his friends would sue each other to get on court TV, and that they managed to pull this off multiple times.

“The first time we did it, my one friend sued my other friend and I was my one friend’s witness — and we won,” he said in a video.

Rarely do fans get a sneak peek behind the curtain of reality shows, but thanks to Ben Palmer, there is now some information about how things work on court TV shows, namely, Judge Alex, the show that Palmer and his friends appeared on.

After their initial success, the guys would make a few other appearances on the show. Not only did they become familiar faces, but they were responsible for getting some fantastic sound bites, as well.

During one appearance on Judge Alex, for instance, the famous host at one point says, “You know how procreation works, right? You know that there’s a million sperm that go swimming toward that one egg competing to see which one can fertilize that egg? I am amazed that yours won.”

These hilarious clips can all be found online, but in truth, people want to know how the cases actually panned out on these shows.

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How It All Played Out

So, how did things play out for the guys and their court TV appearances?

According to Pop Crush, “The cases he was involved with were “Albanese vs. Palmer” and “Boyd vs. Dent.” “Boyd vs. Dent” featured a case about a comedian who was allegedly not paid for his services at a comedy show. The defendant claimed that the comedian’s jokes offended the audience and that his appearance cost him money.”

Next time around, “The second case, “Albanese vs. Palmer,” was about how Palmer allegedly promoted the plaintiff’s “Battle of the Beards” event for $4,000 and didn’t get what he paid for,” the site wrote.

Palmer revealed that the show actually pays the plaintiff what they sure for, which was another reason why Palmer was happy to be on the winning side of things the first time he and his friends sued each other.

After the win on Judge Alex, Palmer told the camera, “Man, I’m just glad that we got this money. I really needed the money so bad, I’m broke. I have like three frozen hamburgers at home. I can’t afford to buy toothpaste.”

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There’s always a dash of fiction with reality TV, but learning about Palmer and his friends makes this fact of fiction downright hilarious.

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