9 Best Safety First Bath Seat with Armrest

How do you keep your baby safe when they are in the tub? The answer is a safety-first bath seat. This article provides all of the necessary information, including how to install it and what features make this product different from others on the market. 

The safety-first bath seat is perfect for infants who sit up unassisted (once they reach 4 months). They can rest their back on the comfortable cushion while playing with toys or interacting with family members.

It also has an adjustable strap that helps secure them in place so they don’t slip down into the water. Parents will love knowing that their child’s airways are always open and not compressed against their body, reducing the risk of drowning by 80%! There is no need for a drain.

It’s been a long day, and you’re ready to take your baby for a bath. You know it is important not to slip, so you grab the safe first bath seat from your cabinet. It adds degree of security and peace of mind when washing your infant. 

The safety first bath seat securely wraps around any tub or sink, ensuring that no matter how wiggly, squirmy or slippery they get, they will always be safe and sound in this secure environment!

The safety belt ensures they can’t fall over while the high back prevents them from sliding down into the water. There’s plenty of room for toys on both sides of the seat too. Your child will love playing with their favourite toy while soaking up all.

 So when it comes to bathing your baby, safety is always a top priority. That’s why a bath seat can be a great way to keep your infant safe and secure while you’re bathing them. There are various bath seats on the market, so it’s important to choose one that is right for your needs.

Keep in mind that not all bathtub seats are equal. Some are more durable than others, which is why it is critical to conduct thorough research before making a purchase. With that said, here are three things you should consider when purchasing a bath seat for your child: 

1) The weight capacity – Make sure the bath seat will hold your child’s weight. 

2) The size – Check the dimensions of the seat.

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Safety first bath seat with armrest

If you’re a mother, you’re aware that there are several concerns when it comes to your children. Bath time is one of the things that might create anxiety. One of the things that can cause anxiety is bath time. Will they slip and fall? Will they get water up to their nose?

Will they be able to stay in their seat without sinking under the water? These are all valid concerns, but with a safe first bath seat with armrests, you can put your mind at ease.

This seat helps keep your child safe and comfortable while bathing. It has a soft fabric seat and two armrests for added support. The seat also has an adjustable strap to fit most children. Plus, it’s easy to clean- just toss it in the washing machine 

Top 9 Best Safety First Bath Seats

1. Medical Tool-Free Assembly Adjustable 

This stool is perfect for difficulty standing up straight or sitting down comfortably. Stability is just one of the many features that make this stool great.

It can be easily adjusted to fit any size person (including large stature) due to its flexible design. It’s designed with safety features that keep it securely in place, even on wet surfaces.

Round Design

The shower stool is the perfect solution for small bathrooms and limited space. The round base fits in any tub or stall while also providing a comfortable experience that’s safe to use.

Adjustable Legs

Choose the height of your new shower stool wisely. You can adjust it within a range of 17″ -21″ inches, depending on how tall you need to sit while taking care of daily activities like washing up or shaving.

Anti-Slip Rubber Tips

With slip-resistant rubber tips on the legs of your shower stool, you can enjoy a safe and stable bathing experience.

Strong Frame

The sleek and stylish anodized aluminium frame is perfect for lasting longer than other frames. It can support up to 250 pounds, meaning it’s durable enough even when you’re sitting on this chair.

Lightweight And Portable

The lightweight and portable shower stool weighs only 3 pounds, making it easy to transport from place to place.


• Increase safety in the shower

• Provide extra height for taller people

• Removable leg caps to prevent slipping on wet surfaces

• Durable and lightweight

• Safe and slip-resistant grips

• Affordable and easy to set up


The seat is slippery.

Does not carry heavyweight

2. Toilet Lock Child Safety

Why struggle with your little ones when you can easily prevent them from getting into trouble? A toilet seat is a safe place for children to sit. This toilet seat lock is excellent for children who just want to be safe.

It comes in white to match any bathroom decor, plus there are no tools needed because of its simple installation process that involves applying 3M adhesive on top of cabinets where seats meet. Spend less time worrying about whether someone else’s child might get their hands on these locks.

Baby Proof Your Toilet

The little one in your life will be happy to know that there’s now a way for them not to see what’s going on inside of adult time.

This toilet lock helps keep children from opening the lid and finding out all those exciting things we do behind closed doors.

Great Design Easy One-Handed Use

For those who want a sanitary and convenient way to keep their toilet seat locked, we have just the thing. Our universal design will fit most standard loos with no problem at all.

Simply push down on one side of this button-less lock, then twist until it opens up – easy as pie (or maybe less messy).

Complete Deactivation When Needed

The Wapp Baby toilet lock can be deactivated when users need to use their bathroom or guests come over. This means that it will not unlock itself in response to any movement outside its intended purpose, which is excellent for those who want peace of mind knowing that they’re always locked out while taking care of personal business.

Hassle-Free Installation

Our top-quality toilet lock is the perfect way to keep your little one safe. With no tools, screws, or drilling required for installation, this durable safety feature can be up and running in seconds with an easy 3M adhesive install.

Love It Or Your Money Back

We know that you want the best for your home and family, which is why we offer a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee of Total Satisfaction.

If at any time during this initial period or after shipping/delivery periods have expired (90 days) -if something isn’t right with our product–just let us know within 2 weeks from when it arrived & send it back to get a full refund upon return postal receipt request.


• Simple, one-handed operation for convenient use

• Non-slip grip to provide peace of mind

• Complete deactivation when needed

• Safely keep your kids from potentially drowning in the toilet

• Installs quickly and easily with a strong 3M adhesive

• 90-day money-back guarantee


Damaged out the cover lid

Not too much secure

Safety first bath TUB

3. BLANDSTRS Baby Bathtub

The smallest in their stable, the Baby Bathtub Seat with Backrest and Suction Cups for stability is a must-have. Portable safety chair that can be used by 6 months old children up until 18 months old!

Be prepared to take on any adventure when you’ve got this baby seat aboard–it will keep little ones safe while travelling or playing outdoors at home (or anywhere else).

High security

Amazon approved the high-security Baby Bathtub Seat after passing rigorous safety tests conducted in America, Europe, and Asia.

The product is guaranteed safe due to its approval from the United States Product Safety Administration (PSA).

So the high security of this product is guaranteed by Amazon, and it has gone through rigorous testing to ensure that your baby’s safety comes first.

Free Gift

Why not give your child the best start in life by providing them with a comfortable bath? Give those old-fashioned wooden washstands an instant makeover. Our high-quality stickers are designed for both adults and children.

Place on any cold surface (including fridge doors), so you can monitor how warm or cool it is without having to open up all those pesky windows at once – these will only work when opened upwards towards Earth’s natural warmth source 

You can now know the temperature of water at any time with our new free stickers. These harmless and easy-to-be peeled-off sheets will help your kids have a more comfortable experience.

Safe Material and Size

Our baby seat’s safety and environmental awareness are important to us, so it’s made with a non-toxic TPR material.

This safe plastic can resist wear from everyday use while still looking clean enough for your little one! The dimensions are 15″ x 12″ x 7″.

Thoughtful Design and High Technology

Thoughtful Design and High Technology: our products use a double injection moulding process to make the final product more solid and increase site suction. We are careful to avoid the baby’s arbitrary activities by injury with this thoughtful design.

High-Quality Service

The idea of the product is to make motherhood a little bit easier for mothers and their children. The intention behind it all starts with safety, which we take very seriously because if moms aren’t comfortable, then neither will anyone else in that room.


• Baby Bathtub Seat ensures a safe and easy time in the bath for your infant

• Low price point to optimize how much you spend on baby products

• Keeps your child warm without the worry of burns from hot water

• Bought with confidence knowing that Amazon has verified BLANDSTRS

• Provides a comfortable and secure bathtime experience

• Allows baby to bathe in a safe environment

• Great for displaying bonding with your baby

• Made from high-quality, durable materials


The seat is tiny

Temperature is not accurate.

No grip

Safety 1st baby bath seat

4. Summer My Bath Seat Soft Support

You’ll be able to enjoy a perfect bath time with the Summer My Bath Seat Soft Support, Gary. This seat will give you all that moisture and relaxation in one easy step. Keep your baby safe and secure while you scrub with the Summer My Bath Seat.

It’s perfect for when they’re tired of sitting in their little tub all day or if it is their first time diving into an adult-sized washbasin.

With our quick & easy install system that includes suction cups on both sides plus soft supports across every angle, we ensure stability during these transitions, so there are no worries about them getting loose around slippery curves.

Soft, spacious seat

Soft and comfortable, the seat is designed with a specially cushioned base that ensures maximum support for your little one.

Drain holes

The drain holes allow soapy water to rinse away, perfect for rinsing off any residue left behind by previous cleanses.

Quick & Easy install

Your new phone mount is here, and it’s so easy to install. The Sure & Secure suction cup can stick on any flat surface for overall stability.

No tools are required – just peel back the adhesive strip until it locks into place; then go ahead and put your device where you want before pressing down firmly with thumbs or fingers (not both). It doesn’t get much quicker than this.

Spacious open-side design

This high chair’s elegant and spacious open-side design makes it easy to clean your baby from head to toe. The backrest provides comfort so that you can sit comfortably as well.

Standard rectangular tubs

This bath seat is perfect for babies and toddlers who need a higher water level. Designed to meet ASTM F1967 Consumer Safety Specification, this sturdy tub will keep your little one safe while they enjoy their favourite educational toy or story time in the bathroom.

The Classic Bath Seat is a great way to keep your little one comfy and clean while giving you peace of mind that they are safe. This seat fits standard tubs up to 24 inches in width, so it’s perfect for any child.


• Foam Contours to Baby for Maximum Comfort 

• Quick & Easy Install with Sure & Secure Suction Cups 

• Spacious Open-Side Design with Easy Clean-up 

• Meets ASTM F1967 Safety Standards

Safe for baby


Not for giant babies more than 6 months

Difficult to keep clean

Safety 1st bath seat

5. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling’ n Seat Tub

The Fisher-Price 4 in 1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub is an excellent product for any parent on the go. This colourful playard can be used as a high chair, stool, or night light.

Sit-Me-up Support: In the bathtub for unsteady sitters. Meet Stage 1, a soft mesh sling that gently cradles your newborn in just enough water and gives baby security from slipping around as it holds them up so mom can get some rest or do other things without worrying about holding their little body weight; all day long!

Next comes Stages 2 & 3 -a “baby stopper” insert explicitly designed for growing kids minding those slippery baths (you know what I’m talking about).

This one puts infants into recline on an extra firm foam surface, preventing any more slip N slides while also making clean-up easy peasy thanks to its self-cleaning

Four-stage bath centre

The perfect place for you to relax and have a whale of a time! This bath is equipped with an official tone of voice. It comes complete with the most popular Squeeze Bottle/Whale Scoop combo, so it’s easy as pie (apart from being made out of soap).

A four-stage convertible centre stage can either rinse gently or play around by itself. A gentle squeeze on this bottle will give off enough pressure–just what we need.

When washing away all those stressful days at work

Soft mesh sling

A soft mesh sling is a perfect choice for caring parents who want to keep their little ones close. It’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t irritate, making it comfortable throughout even long periods.

Baby stopper

The baby stopper is a great way to keep your little one safe and sound. It always keeps its grip, no matter what the surface.


 Sit-Me-Up is an innovative solution for people who find themselves in reclining positions regularly. Maintaining proper posture while sitting can be difficult, but this support makes it much easier by giving you the ability to sit up straight and remain balanced no matter how long or short your commute may be.

Roomy toddler tub

This tub is the perfect size for children with an adventurous spirit. Experienced professionals have designed this roomy toddler bathtub.

It has roomy sides and ends that make it easy to climb in or out of, as well as an open bottom, so everything fits just right.

Easy drain & clean

The Fisher-Price 4 in 1 Sling, ‘n Seat Tub is a great way to get your little one wet so that you can teach them about water safety. The plug makes draining easy and quick.


The Fisher-Price 4 in 1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub is a perfect addition to your bathroom! It can be used as an accessible drying station, and water-saving storage unit with its hooks on the side, allowing you to get rid of those pesky wet towels while keeping space compact.


• Huge space saver

• Folds up nicely when not in use

• Tubs hold plenty of water

• Easy to clean and maintain


Use it carefully; otherwise, it will cause injury

 Not very wide, so if your baby is significant, then it won’t work to tell

6. Summer Infant My Bath Seat

Sure, these bath seats are perfect for parents who want to keep their hands free while cleaning up after an infant. There is no need to worry about getting wet or sandy with a high backrest and extra-wide arms that accommodate standard tubs 21 “-24”!

The JPMA certification means they meet the Consumer Safety Specification ASTM F1967, which includes children under 5 months old and 10+-year-olds.

Sure & Secure Suction Cups and high backrest

The Sure & Secure Suction Cups provide comfort, support, and stability, while the high backrest keeps you comfortable.

Easy setup

The setup, removal, and storage of this system are straightforward.

Rectangular tubs

Summer Infant’s My Bath Seat is the perfect solution for parents looking to give their baby or toddler a bath. This innovative seat can be used in any size tub from 21 “to -24”, ensuring maximum safety with an abundance of comfort.

JPMA Certified

The Summer Infant My Bath Seat is a fantastic product for parents on the go! Conforms to ASTM F1967 Standard Consumer Safety Specification, this innovative and functional seat can be used in any bathroom without worrying about fabric or other materials getting wet.


• Ensure safety from slipping or falling into the tub 

• Keep your baby secure and comfortable as you bathe them 

• Gives parents free use of both hands to wash and care for their little one 

• Conforms to ASTM F1967 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Infant Bath Seats


Baby’s legs get stuck

Suction cups pop off too easily

7. Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub

Skip Hop’s baby bathtub is a three-stage innovative sling that can be used from birth to 18 months with two different modes – set up for newborns or toddlers. The tub includes accessories like toys, weights (to help learn how properly), and even bedding.

Whale-shaped Moby tub

Safety first bathtub

The joyful whale-shaped Moby tub supports the Smart Sling and grows with the baby through three phases. The sling may be worn in two ergonomic positions: higher for full-body support or lower to enable breastfeeding in a sitting posture during postpartum recovery.

Dual-layered mesh

Your baby will feel like they are in the safest place with dual-layered mesh and comfort-edge construction.


The sling is adjustable, making it possible for babies of all ages and sizes to enjoy sitting comfortably.

Once your little one has mastered their seated position, you can easily take off the carrier without feeling like they’re getting hurt by pulling on extended straps or tight-fitting garments that leave no room between skin and fabric—a considerable discomfort when wet.


• 3 staged tub grows with baby

• Adjustable for newborns to more developed babies 

• Lock-in sling offers back support

• Encourage growth from the cradle to the tub

• The Moby is adjustable and without awkward plastic bumpers

• Adjusts for a comfortable seated position

Can Catch Toes


Sling smells musty

Sling grows mould

Great for newborns but doesn’t work with older babies


8. Baby Bath Seat

The Baby Bath Seat is a one-of-a-kind bathtub seat that provides backrest support and suction cups for stability. It also has 3 swimming turtle toys to keep your baby entertained while they’re soaking or playing in the water.

Non-toxic PP material

The Zozen Bath Set is a great gift set for any parent! It includes 3 different swimming power turtles with detachable seats, an exquisite box to store them in, and even making bathing time into an interactive game.

The seat material makes sure that your little ones are safe from harmful chemicals since it’s environmentally friendly PP plastic which does not contain BPA or PVC.

Cute Cartoon elephant shape

How to enjoy bathing time with the cute cartoon elephant shape will keep your baby attracted while they are in their baths.

The rotating steering wheel can be similar to driving a toy car, and 3 pcs swimming power turtles that come included make for an excellent competition of who gets wetter.

Safety and Stability Design

The Safety and Stability Design Bath Seat is the perfect solution for any parent looking to keep their baby safe in the bath.

This chair has four powerful base suction cups that are designed with safety in mind, as well as being able it securely “cling” onto your tub’s surface, so you don’t have worries about them slipping while they’re soaking away all those dirty diapers.

Ergonomics & Comfortable Design

The baby’s bathing experience will be a pleasant one using this cleverly designed shower seat. The curved backrest design provides excellent, comfortable support for your little one while she gets clean from head to toe in their new bathroom!

A soft leather pad covers all parts that could potentially hurt or irritate sensitive skin, so you can feel safe about letting them go anywhere near water.

Multiple Ways to Use

The bath seat can be used in many ways to help your baby play, eat or take a dip. You could install the detachable desktop for them to have something extra stable when sitting on it.


• Provides stability and backrest for baby

• Keeps the kids entertained with 3 swimming turtle bath toys

• Ensure safety as it has suction cups to keep it in place

• Keep your child comfortable during bath time



9. Baby Bath Seat for Sit up Bathing

With the Baby Bath Seat for sit-up bathing, you can take care of your tiny baby safely and conveniently. The portable tub seat has secure suction cups to keep it sticking right where you want!

It’s perfect whether they’re 6 months old or 18 months plus; TOPMINO recommends protecting surfaces with a non-stick mat after use because babies put everything into their mouths.

High Security & Safe Material

The Baby Bath Seat is made of a material that ensures safety and ease for you, as well as your baby. It’s perfect if they’re between 6 months to 18+months old.

One-Button Detachable Handle

The one-button detachable handle on this baby bath seat makes it easy to take off when you don’t want your child’s legs getting stuck.

Non-Slip Baby Bath Seat

The Non-Slip Baby Bath Seat is designed with a non-slip mat to ensure the safety of your little one. This comfortable space can keep them in place and help prevent any accidental slips or falls.

Funny Bath Experience for Baby

The baby bath seat is the perfect place to keep your little one while they take their very first dip in the water. Since most babies enjoy crying during these moments, this Funny experience will make sure that you get some good laughs out of it as well.

Service Guarantee

We at Company Name guarantee your satisfaction with any product from us. For the first two months of ownership, if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just contact our team, and we’ll do everything in our power to make it right.


Prevents slipping

Keeps baby in place

 Non-toxic material

Built for 6-18 months

• Make baby laugh while taking baths

• Important for safe bath time

• Easy to clean and dry, easy to assemble


Small in size

Buying guide

Before buying a bath seat, what qualities should be considered?

It’s essential to look out for key product features when shopping around the bath seat. For example, if it has suction cups on the bottom and a strap or safety bar in between then, your baby will be safe with this purchase because they’ll have something stable while sitting there so that you can do other things like taking care of yourself.

Test seats before buying if possible, as well as make sure the latch opens easily with just one hand since you’ll most likely only be able to use this method while holding onto other items at the same time.

The vast majority of baby tubs on the market today fall into one or two categories – they’re small, portable, and made from lightweight plastic.

Some can be used inside an adult-sized bathtub while others rest outside it; there’s even a sort that goes over your sink.

Regardless of which type you choose, though (and honestly, I think any would do), make sure it has rounded corners and edges throughout so as not to hurt yourself when bathing your precious little bundle.

Buying safety first bathtub

Buying a bathtub for your baby is not a straightforward task. You want the job done quickly, but bathing an excited toddler can be tricky due to their movements in water – which could startle them or make it cold too fast.

You must buy one with features like wide openings, so they don’t get stuck when trying to swim away from things like step-in fountains.


The most challenging part about buying any type of tub should come next. Getting used to how deep just putting feet into liquid makes everything slosh around.

Learning how much more than 2 inches above waist level feels comfortable because babies are often put there during baths and check the size of the tub


The foldable plastic tubs for storing your baby’s diapers are convenient and easy to carry around, but some online reviewers say they leak or don’t hold enough weight—the most complaint about this type of product.

Temperature Indicator

An indicator can indicate the temperature of the water that is too hot for a baby. Some bathtub models have these, while others use digital readouts or separate tools to check the current level before putting in your child’s tub and again when they get out after bathing: you should test it yourself first because only with sensitive skin do people like us come close enough.

It will not feel comfortably warm but relatively cool – no higher than 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 Celsius).

Smooth, Overhanging Rim

The smooth, overhanging rim makes it much easier to carry a water-filled tub without your baby in it and prevents you from scraping their skin as they go into or come out of the bathroom.

Conclusion – Safety First Bath Seat

You may know that bath time is an essential part of your baby’s day. They need to be clean and happy after all! But, how can you keep them safe? One option is the safe first bath seat.

This innovative product has many features designed with babies in mind, including a backrest for infants who learn to sit up unassisted (once they reach 4 months).

It also comes with adjustable straps, so parents never worry about their little one slipping down into the water while playing or interacting with family members.

If these reasons aren’t enough, just remember it’s called SAFETY FIRSTSo if you’re looking for something new when it comes to bathing your infant, take some time today to check out this article on safety first.

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