8 Times Lindsey Lohan Showed She Is A True Party Animal


Lindsay Lohan has continued sobriety for many years, but the once famous child actress loved parties and drinking and showed her wild side as a true party animal during the late 2000s.

Lindsay Lohan spent almost all of her life in front of the camera as she was only three years old when signing on as a model for Ford. After starring in over 60 commercials and modeling for notable brands, Lohan earned her breakthrough in 1997 with Nancy Meyers’ The Parent Trap. After working as a child star in multiple projects, her other remarkable project was Mean Girls, which catapulted her into stardom. Since becoming a teen icon, Lindsay Lohan let loose and found herself surrounded by various party scenes.

The actress held the reputation of a party girl in the 2000s when she was often spotted staying out with friends until late hours of the night and balancing her movie schedules. She enjoyed the days and dealt with the law during her wild days. Lohan has chosen the path of sobriety, but her party days remain iconic. Let’s look at the times Lindsay Lohan showed she is a true party animal.


8 Her Beach Club Party In Mykonos

Over the last few years, Lindsay Lohan has turned her party days into a lucrative business opportunity as she owns the Lohan Beach House in Mykonos. She received a reality TV series by MTV wherein she navigated her work and employees during the show. Lohan did not hesitate to show off her party movies as a video of her dancing to a remix of Pillowtalk went viral on the internet.

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Lindsay Lohan met her now-husband Bader Shammas in 2018 when she moved to Dubai. After keeping the relationship private and dating for three years, Shammas and Lohan got engaged in an intimate setting in 2021. Four months after the news, the actress threw a lavish and small party for her close family and friends, which included an elegant cake and quality conversations.

6 Her Holy Trinity Parties

There is no photo more iconic from the 2000s than the one with Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan sitting in a two-seater convertible trying to protect themselves from the paparazzi. The trio was dubbed the Holy Trinity as they were the most-talked-about celebs of the time. Lohan was often seen partying with socialite Paris Hilton, but they had a falling out after the car incident. They have since reconciled and remain on civil terms.

5 Her Pool Party Wearing A Monitoring Anklet

2010 was difficult for the actress as she was ordered to wear a SCRAM anklet to monitor her alcohol intake. The monitor went off at the MTV Movie Awards, and she had to pay $200,000 bail to stay out of jail. Rather than hiding the bracelet on her ankle, she embraced her mistake and enjoyed a pool party with her sister and mother during an outing in California.

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4 Her Memorable 24th Birthday Party

Lindsay Lohan’s 24th birthday party did not end without a few hiccups as the actress celebrated in style. Despite wearing an anklet that monitored her alcohol intake, Lohan did not let that ruin her fun as she drank Red Bulls and partied until late hours at a Santa Monica Boulevard nightclub. After getting into a rift with a waitress, she later went clubbing at the Rockstar House.

3 Her San Diego Party Before A Rehab Sentence

After being charged with reckless driving and willfully resisting a police officer, Lindsay Lohan received a court-ordered 90-day rehabilitation sentence. A few days after the court appearance, she went partying at the FLUXX Club in San Diego. The same week, she continued her party parade by visiting the Ocean 41 Club, an exclusive celebrity hotspot to relax with her friends.

2 Her Chateau Marmont Party That Lasted Until 1 AM

Not even hectic movie shooting schedules can stop Lindsay Lohan from partying. While the actress was shooting Liz & Dick in 2012, she had a rough schedule that made her work 85 hours within four days. When Friday arrived, the actress partied in Hollywood with celeb friends, including Busy Philipps, Ashley Benson, and Haylie Duff. She was out until 1 AM at Chateau Marmont, which caused her dehydration after returning to the film set.

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1 Her 4 AM Party At The Dream Hotel

Lindsay Lohan and her mother, Dina, have had a rocky relationship that often escalated into screaming fights. The duo loved partying and were famously seen enjoying themselves until 4 AM at the Electric Room nightclub in Manhattan’s Dream Hotel in 2012. After drinking heavily, the mother-daughter reportedly got into a fight that was put on hold by onlookers.

As Lindsay Lohan earned the reputation of being a party animal, she worked on small projects instead of big production movies. Since turning sober, the actress has slowly stepped into the public eye again and signed a creative partner two-movie deal with Netflix. She will be next seen starring in Netflix’s Irish Wish, with production starting soon.

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