8 Reasons Why Leonardo DiCaprio Might Just Be The Most Meme-Able Celebrity


Leonardo DiCaprio is famous for many things in his lengthy career in Hollywood. He is one of the few celebrities to actively and vehemently push for environmental causes. In fact, his entire personal Instagram is devoted to informational graphics and posts helping to inform his fan base about the state of climate change and the environment. He puts his money where his mouth is too because he often invests in green initiatives.

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Along with his activism, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is a phenomenal actor. He has starred in timeless films like Titanicand The Great Gatsby, and his roles in them are genuinely unforgettable. With many more roles under his belt, he has learned to let his own personality shine through too. This has contributed to a lot of relatable moments that have then turned into memes. Keep scrolling to find out why Leonardo DiCaprio is, easily, one of the most meme-able celebrities to ever exist.

8 Gaga-Phobia

Is Leonardo DiCaprio afraid of Lady Gaga? Or, is it simpler than that. Is he just afraid of women that are appropriate for him to date? When Lady Gaga walks by him, he seems a bit put off, even disgusted. Why? Everyone knows that Lady Gaga is eccentric, and she is a very powerful woman, but why this reaction. No one knows for sure, but it definitely contributes to DiCaprio being one of the most meme-able celebrities ever.


7 Avoiding Paparazzi

Leonardo DiCaprio has shown that he is nothing short of a chameleon when he is trying to avoid the paparazzi. He must have trained with skilled ninjas or something to be able to avoid them that well. He was wearing face masks way before COVID struck. He has used standard and some non-traditional ways to conceal his identity. When he is caught by the paparazzi in these moments, it makes a great meme.

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6 He Has A Funny Way Of Showing Despair

There is no doubt that Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best actors of the century. This is not simply because he is a master at his craft, but also because of his funny moments. As you can see, Leonardo DiCaprio knows how to depict despair in a way that is almost humorous out of context. It makes him very relatable through this meme-moment.

5 Every Oscar, Just Out Of Reach

It is impossible to deny that Leonardo DiCaprio has unmatched skills on-set. His acting skills have been celebrated for decades. However, the meme-moment here, according to Esquire, is that he has been the “bridesmaid and never the bride” at the Oscars for so many of his films. While he has often been nominated, he has not won often. The most meme-able part of it all is that he is the one that made fun of himself the most about it! There is even a twitter account that kept track of his Oscar-winning status. So when he finally won in 2016, the meme changed contexts but was still present.

4 He Is The King Of Pointing Fingers

Who would have thought that Leonardo DiCaprio would use a finger point as one of his signatures in his films? The meme-able part is that he really commits when he points his finger at someone. His whole body tenses up as if he is trying to make them feel the finger-pointing power. It is genuinely funny, and it really shows you how he is one of the most meme-able celebrities in Hollywood.

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3 He Depicts Snobbiness Perfectly

Leonardo DiCaprio is well known for his range in his acting career. He is able to play any role in any genre of film. With this range, there is a lot of range in his expressions. In Django Unchained, Leonardo DiCaprio made a face that created one of his most meme-able moments. It is snobby and downright hilarious. It shows his actual self shining through the character, and that is what made it relatable and meme-able.

2 The Iconic Jay Gatsby

How could anyone forget one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s most iconic roles? In The Great Gatsby, DiCaprio played the role of Jay Gatsby. Not long after the film was released, everyone made one of the iconic shots from the film into a meme. He is giving a toast, and it is one of the most versatile memes ever. Cheers to you Mr. Gatsby.

1 Age Jokes

There is no doubt that Leonardo DiCaprio is somewhat of a lady killer. He has been since the beginning of his career. However, he has not dated anyone close to his age in a long time. In fact, most of his romantic pursuits are with women who are barely legal for him to be pursuing. This odd habit of his has attracted a lot of attention, fascination, and ridicule from the public. Mixing those aspects of fascination with disgust set him up to be a perfect meme.

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